DISTED provides us a great resources as well as e-resources that really helps me a lot in my studies. Besides, guidance form the lecturer is also an important factor that contribute to my academic success.

Wong Zi Xin

First Class Honours, BA (Hons) International Business Management

My lecturers have guided me well in all subjects. They helped me to solve my problems patiently.

Chin Han Shen

SACE Top Achiever ( 2018 )

I believe studying smart is more effective than studying hard. This goes to say that we should not blindly memorize everything, on the other hand we should understand the content, and find a creative way to remember the points, like creating a story out of the points we need to memorize.

Chua Qian Hua

SACE Top Achiever ( 2018 )

The Bachelor of Psychology program is equipped to challenge students by teaching lessons that are both academically and non-academically oriented. I learnt to hone skills I already had and was provided opportunities to discover leadership qualities within myself and most of all, to believe in my abilities.

Sophiyanah A/P David Christopher

1st Class Honour and Best graduate of Bachelor of Psychology, Year 2018

Li Xiao Xuan - Testimonial - DISTED College

DISTED has help shaped and developed the necessary foundation to succeed in my future as well as many lifelong friends and memories that I’ll always cherish

Li Xiao Xuan

2018 SACE International

Khow Ji Yin - Testimonial - DISTED College

DISTED encourages feedback on different views and provides students a platform for constructing valid and persuasive arguments that has contributed to his recent achievement.

Khow Ji Yin

2018 Cambridge A-Level