During the Covid-19 lockdown, we’re unable to continue with our normal daily routine like attending classes and hang out with friends. All live interaction activities are prohibited and we’re ought to practice social distancing. I’m truly glad that the School of Psychology was able to attend to the situation fast and shifted all face-to-face classes to online learning so that we are able to continue our courses and complete my undergraduate studies on time.

Although this is the first time Disted School of Psychology conducted online learning, the lecturers are doing their very best and carrying out their essential duties to make sure lessons are on-going. Big thumbs up to our school and the dedicated lecturers. Thank You for all the efforts!

Christina Wong Sze Mun

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Before I become the Green Hero, I was just an ordinary student like you in college. The process of bringing to GreenHero to where it is today and more to come is because of the experience I have gained from the college itself. The clubs I joined such as DISTED Student Representative Council and also DISTED Model United Nation has helped me brushed my soft skills such as public speaking, leadership, debating, critical thing, event management and communication skills.

Besides that, Mrs Elaine Chan, Mrs Tan Pei Shi and other lecturers have helped me a lot in crafting my entrepreneurship skills since I started Green Hero back in college. Their advice and mentoring have lead me to speak in TEDX twice and also became the champion of Malaysia Student Entrepreneur Award 2019 to represent Malaysia both in Macau and Singapore.

I just want you to know, if you have a dream a student for your future, start building them while you are studying in college so that you can gain more experience and failures in life. The more you fail, the better you learn. The more you gained experience, the better you are at making better decisions in the future. Start now, and become awesome later as time passed by.

Calvin Chan

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

Studying at DISTED college has given me the opportunities to develop employability skills through group project work, student exchange program, presentations, industrial training module, as well as in their extracurricular activities. These experiences have maximised my learning capabilities, hence allowing me to perform excellently at the workplace. Not only were there ample opportunities for industry experience, but also an overwhelmingly large level of support from highly knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff.

Elizabeth Khoo

BSc (Hons) International Business Management 2020

SACE-i programme equips me with useful skills such as research and referencing, report writing and presenting points across effectively in front of a crowd. I can now plan better, multi-task and adapt to new environments faster,

Loh Ying

SACE International 2019

Listen in class! As long as you understand what your lecturers are teaching you, you’ll have no trouble revising at home. If you don’t understand, seek help from either your lecturers or classmates. Making your own notes and mind maps also helps a lot. I have Ms. Bahmini to thank for that. Without her guidance, I don’t think I would have done as well as I did. Finally, make sure to manage your time well. As long as you find a balance between your social life and studies, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while preparing for your exams.

Hannah Fizanah

Cambridge A-Level 2019

DISTED has provided a conducive learning experience for me in the past year, in terms of academic and socially. I made many friends along the way and it been an amazing time at DISTED, I think it would greatly benefit me when I prepare for my future university,

Cheah Chen Aun

Cambridge A-Level 2019