Chan Zhi Yuan - Testimonial - DISTED College

Determination and hardworking probably the key to my success. I enjoy solving and answering all those past year questions so that I get familiar with the type of questions that exam board is going to ask

Chan Zhi Yuan

2018 Cambridge A-Level

DISTED College was indeed a great learning environment complemented with dedicated lecturers who are very supportive towards me. Besides, the many opportunities to participate in clubs enabled me to apply my knowledge. The success accomplished together with my course mates made learning so much more enjoyable and indirectly cultivates practical and soft skills.’

Wong Shu Wen

BA(HONS) Marketing Management 2017

Chee Chen Ni - Testimonial - DISTED College

DISTED’s lecturers namely Mr Suntheran had never once turned down assessing my work, they’re the crucial factor that contributed to my academic achievement.

Chee Chen Ni

2017 Cambridge A-Level

Yasmine Yeoh - Testimonial - DISTED College

My experience in DISTED has given me a valuable learning experience like no other, it has given me a chance to grow and sharpen my skills in my field of choice.

Yasmine Yeoh

2016 Cambridge A-Level

Kharine Wijaya - Testimonial - DISTED College

Apart from acquiring business fundamentals, I also honed leadership skills and social responsibility when taking the course. The nice campus environment with heritage buildings amidst greenery adds zest to studying at DISTED.

Kharine Wijaya

2014 Diploma in Business Studies

Pitchapha Limsakul - Testimonial - DISTED College

I had a wonderful learning experience at DISTED. The lecturers were helpful and caring enough to guide me throughout my studies. The programme equips students with skill sets for a variety of careers in the hospitality and related industries besides the working exposure through industrial placement.

Pitchapha Limsakul

2014 Diploma in Hospitality Business Management