Michael Timothy Tyson - Testimonial - DISTED College

Penang has offered me an adventure of a lifetime. Being at DISTED put me in the middle of many cultures allowing me to experience them individually. From the food to the festivals there is always something new here.

DISTED lecturers have became more than someone who just teaches they became family and this applies to all the students as well. Everyone here is so friendly and happy to help. If you are looking to study abroad DISTED in Penang can give you not one oversea experience but so much more.

Michael Timothy Tyson

Diploma in Computer Science

Fahima Thyiba - Testimonial - DISTED College

I prefer an excellent British business degree that is well-recognized internationally for job opportunities.

I’m grateful to my lecturers who were always there for me whenever I needed guidance and support.

Fahima Thyiba

2010 BA(Hons) Business Management First Class Honours, Staffordshire University