My advice for students currently pursuing A-Levels is that they should persevere at the beginning as it is always difficult at the start and make sure to try understand the logic behind what you are learning and not just memorise everything. It’s worth it in the end.

Tudor Anton Dragon Martin

Cambridge A-Level

My A Levels experience has prepared me for my university life as it has taught me to be an independent learner. Studying on my own has allowed me to really try and figure complex things out for myself before seeking help. This has allowed me to truly unlock the knowledge and apply it in a range of situations. I believe that this really enhanced my understanding of the concept in question.

Antonia Catherine Phoenix Martin

Cambridge A-Level

An advice, though as basic as it is, yet everyone neglects, is to have a complete grasp of the syllabus of the subject that you will be examined on. It is fundamental for you to have complete knowledge regarding the main content and exam structure for you to be fully equipped during exam day and sit your exam in top form.

Other than that, I would say, diligence, perseverance and motivation, after all, whether you succeed, to a certain extent is dependent upon your efforts. However, vital it would be, for you to derive your own study techniques and exam strategies. Find out what study technique works best for you and work smart, for a proper study technique would be like a catalyst and saves you from unnecessary efforts.

After you are fully equipped, do your best and forget the rest, for faith and confidence in yourself would elevate you to higher grounds. Cheers!

Tan Wen Huei

Cambridge A-Level

I am privileged to enroll in the South Australian Certificate of Education International (SACE-i) programme of 2020 in Disted College Penang. I first enrolled into this program from January till November 2020.
Though it was not a cakewalk, the time and effort I spent was indisputably worth it, all thanks to the helpful and supportive lecturers in the college. Be it an online class or a face-to-face lecture, their strategic approach and experiences exhibited have enabled me to relate my learnings throughout the course to the materials or textbooks provided, making my learning much easier. The learning environment and course design continue to capture the interest of the students. As for me, it has largely contributed to my achievement.
In conclusion, this programme provides a well-built foundation for students to embark on their journey to their desired universities as it exposes students to the lifestyle and learning that will be conducted there. I would largely recommend this programme offered by Disted to others.

Tan Xin Fang

SACE-i 2020

SACE has helped me learn to break down overwhelming projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. I know these lessons in time management will serve me well for a lifetime. Besides that, SACE has taught me exceptional critical-thinking skills and that the answers will not always be straightforward. Through this course, I have learned how to solve complex problems and learned that high-quality results require hard work and dedication.

Tan Wan Sean

SACE-i 2020

My college experience in 2020 was no different from anyone else’s experience. Just as I’m sure everyone else did, I struggled a lot initially from being unable to cope with online classes and assignments. However, the support I received from my dedicated lecturers and course mates in Disted has helped me tremendously in overcoming the many obstacles in my way and achieve success. This experience has given me the needed confidence to overcome larger challenges in the future.

Koh Ying Ci

SACE-i 2020