Listen in class! As long as you understand what your lecturers are teaching you, you’ll have no trouble revising at home. If you don’t understand, seek help from either your lecturers or classmates. Making your own notes and mind maps also helps a lot. I have Ms. Bahmini to thank for that. Without her guidance, I don’t think I would have done as well as I did. Finally, make sure to manage your time well. As long as you find a balance between your social life and studies, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while preparing for your exams.

Hannah Fizanah

Cambridge A-Level 2019

DISTED has provided a conducive learning experience for me in the past year, in terms of academic and socially. I made many friends along the way and it been an amazing time at DISTED, I think it would greatly benefit me when I prepare for my future university,

Cheah Chen Aun

Cambridge A-Level 2019

The combination of coursework and exams in the SACE programme mirrors the assessment methods in university, and has given me an opportunity to familiarise with this new learning style. I have also been lucky to have some dedicated and knowledgeable lecturers who never hesitated to give us extra help and guidance when we needed it. They have helped me gain a deeper understanding of my subjects at hand.

Bryan Ng

SACE International 2019

With an access to a myriad of learning resources, a supportive team of professional lecturers and motivation from my peers. I’m constantly being challenged and inspired to reach my full potential in my learning experience at DISTED,

Lau Hui En

Cambridge A-Level

I was the DISTED Full Scholarship recipient in 2017. I felt so honoured to receive the scholarship as it does not only reduce my parents’ financial burden, but also serves as an important stepping stone to my future success by keeping me motivated towards my studies.

Junnie Lim Hui Yi

Cambridge A-Levels

Mr Kelvin has helped and adviced me in many ways throughout my studies at DISTED. This includes getting the Student Visa application and handling of all the necessary legal processes which allowed me, as an International student to study in Malaysia. He was also my mentor and was always there to assist, guide and support me and he made sure that I focused on my studies. Not to forgot, the staff and the lecturers were very kind and helpful. I truly enjoyed my studies at DISTED.

Min Pyi Sone

Diploma in Business Information Technilogy