First of all, we need to collaborate with our team members well. Before the discussion of the case study, we should introduce ourselves to all the team members so that everyone knows each other well. We need to build a good relationship with each other so that we can communicate with each other well and efficiently. Time is precious, therefore we have to allocate the time and tasks properly among team members so that we will not waste our time on one particular task. When we have any doubt or question in our mind, we should ask our team members and discuss it with them. Furthermore, we must have sufficient accounting knowledge to face the Dell Business Challenges. The accounting knowledge includes financial reporting, financial statements, costing, double-entry, etc. Lastly, we must be confident when we present our findings to the directors. We should try our best to present it professionally and we have to answer their questions smartly and politely.

Tan Shi Pei

Dell Business Challenge 2021 - Champion in Group Challenge

My success in the A-Levels is attributed to my analytical thinking: I can break down complex information into simpler forms. Combined with my interest in global affairs, I am able to relate the study materials to real-life examples which aids my understanding and memory of provided facts and concepts. This universal strength gives me flexibility in my future studies and career options.

Wong Jer Han

Cambridge A-Level

In my perspective ,it is fundamental to have a personalised study plan which suits you the best in order to achieve an effective revision as well as getting a satisfactory result.Few tips for the A level students are to practise more past year papers, comprehend the mark scheme and also watch some youtube videos regarding your syllabus. Another tip is that don’t be shy to ask your lecturers and friends whenever you meet any difficulties or obstacles during your revision.

No pain no gain, always do your best because what you plant now, will harvest later. However,”all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “ In the meantime, please don’t put too much pressure on yourself and give yourself some breaks in between as it will definitely help you to focus more in your revision. Don’t Stress, Do your best, Forget the rest. Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.

Chong Ying Min

Cambridge A-Level

Speaking of this success which I am grateful for, I believe that I could not achieve it without my supportive parents and experienced lecturers. Besides, having self-discipline and commitment as well as the keen ambition to succeed is how I got to where I am today.
With this learning experience of A-Levels, I am confident in my future study and the path I am pursuing, at the same time, I believe I am also equipped with the ability to bounce back from any setbacks I might face in the future.

Goh Xin Che

Cambridge A-Level

Embarking on my A level journey in Disted College is genuinely a fulfilment because I’ve met a lot of like-minded peers and committed, experienced yet approachable lecturers. My only piece of advice for A-level students is for them to stay consistent and persistent. You may feel down or discouraged for a portion of time, but note that a bit of headway gains a full ground. You’ll get what you work for because success is the product of daily effort instead of once in a lifetime transformation. For a phenomenal pathway ahead, discovering balance among study and life is essential, and you will cross the bridge when you come to it. Good luck!

Ng Jia Yee

Cambridge A-Level

First and foremost, I personally think that perseverance, commitment and hard work will help you strive in any circumstances, including the A-Level exams.
Something I want to share with you from what I’ve learnt throughout the preparation stages for this exam is that it made me realised what success means: “A progressive realisation of a worthy goal.”
To everyone of you currently preparing for exams or just reading this for some reason, I believe that you will be successful if you are ready to give yourself a realistic goal, no matter academically or in any other aspects. Because by realising one’s own goal, with commitment, perseverance and hard work, you will definitely achieve it.
On top of that, I believe that everyone is unique and so is your goal. Those aiming to become a doctor, keep it up; those preparing to get good grades in the exam, keep it up; and those achieving your goals, keep it up as well.
Lastly, keep in mind that your goal only reflects upon yourself, it has nothing to do with anyone else. So, be yourself, motivate yourself through your own goals, and continue to strive towards it, in the end, you will find yourself getting better, if not, getting more successful as you go on by being your ‘best self’.
I give my best regards to all of you. Cheers!

Gabriel Teow Zi Sheng

Cambridge A-Level