Academic Teams

Directors of Academic Affairs
  • Dr Jerry Koay Chew Chai - DISTED College

    Dr Jerry Koay Chew Chai

    Director of Academic Affairs

    BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering (University of Louisiana, USA), MEng in Industrial Engineering & Management (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand), Doctor of Business Administration (UUM)

  • Dr Teo Soon Beng

    Head, School of Pre-University

    B.Sc. Hons Chemistry, Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry) La Trobe University, Aus.

  • Ms Geong Chooi Peng

    Programme Coordinator, SACE International

    BSc (Hons) (USM)

  • Dr Tan Sze Huey

    Programme Coordinator, MPU Courses

    B.Sc in Genetics and Molecular Biology (UM)
    Ph.D in Molecular Biology (USM)

  • Ms Ruzanna Abdul Shukor - DISTED College

    Ms Ruzanna Abdul Shukor


    BCounselling (Hons) (USIM), Cert of Practice and Registered Counsellor (Malaysian Counsellors Board)

  • Dr Loo Ai Yin

    Senior Lecturer

    BApplied Sc(Hons) (USM), Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry), USM

  • Ms Tan Siew Gaik - DISTED College

    Ms Tan Siew Gaik

    Senior Lecturer

    BBusiness (WIAE), Dip Ed (Queensland), MBA (Nottingham Trent)

  • Datin Helen Lim Pin Lean - DISTED College

    Datin Helen Lim Pin Lean

    Senior Lecturer

    BSc(Hons) (UM), DipEd (UM)

  • Mr Chan Ka Kieng - DISTED College

    Mr Chan Ka Kieng

    Senior Lecturer

    BSc(Hons) (UM), DipEd. (UM)

  • Mr Ng Jue Kee - DISTED College

    Mr Ng Jue Kee

    Senior Lecturer

    BSc (UM), DipEd (UM)

  • Ms Sheila John - DISTED College

    Ms Sheila John

    Senior Lecturer

    BA (Bharathiar), MA (Bharathiar), M Phil (Madras), DipTESL (RELC/RECSAM)

  • Nadia Binti Jefri - DISTED College

    Ms Nadia Binti Jefri

    Senior Lecturer

    Master of Arts (Communication)

  • Dr Tan Fuyi


    BApplied Sc (Hons) (USM), MSc (Physics) (USM), PHD (Physics) (USM)

  • Ms Lee Lei Yong - DISTED College

    Ms Lee Lei Yong


    BApplied Sc(Hons) (USM), MApplied Stats (USM), M.Sc. Statistics (USM)

  • Ms Bahmini A/P Suppiah - DISTED College

    Ms Bahmini A/P Suppiah


    LL. B(Hons) University of London, CLP

  • Mr Looi Swee Woon - DISTED College

    Mr Looi Swee Woon


    Diploma in Education (UM), Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Economics (UM), MBA (Heriot-Watt University)

  • Dr Khor Wei Ying


    Doctor of Philosophy in Optical and Remote Sensing Technology from USM.

  • Ms Jenny Chew Saw Chin - DISTED College

    Ms Jenny Chew Saw Chin


    BA (UM), AssocDip TESOL (Trinity)

  • Ms Vilashini Kandaiah - DISTED College

    Ms Vilashini Kandaiah


    BSc(Hons) (USM), MEd (TESL) (OUM)

  • Ms Noriah Binti Kallanjiam - DISTED College

    Ms Noriah Binti Kallanjiam


    B. Psychology (HELP)

  • Yugaswari A/P Shanmugam - DISTED College

    Yugaswari A/P Shanmugam


    Bachelor of Laws

Business and Hospitality
  • Dr Lum Li Sean

    Head, School of Business and Administration

    Bachelor of Business Admin (Hons). UUM,
    Master of Business Admin (Specialization in Marketing), University of Southern Queensland,
    Doctor of Business Admin , UUM

  • Ms Susie Khoo - DISTED College

    Ms Susie Khoo

    Programme Coordinator, Diploma in Hotel Management & Diploma in F&B Management

    Dip Hotel Management (SHATEC, Singapore),
    MBA (Western Sydney)

  • Ms Liew Su Yee - DISTED College

    Ms Liew Su Yee

    Programme Coordinator, Diploma in Business Studies

    BEcons Mgmt (UUM),
    MEcons Mgmt (USM)

  • Dr Lim Foo Wah

    Lecturer, Staffordshire University’s 3+0 Programme, BSc (Hons) International Business Management/BA Marketing Management

    Bachelor of Business (Hons) (International Business) (UniMAP),
    MSc (International Business) (UUM),
    Doctor of Philosophy (International Business) (UUM)

  • Pn Adznida bt Md Daud - DISTED College

    Pn Adznida bt Md Daud


    Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) (UiTM),
    Master of Accounting (UiTM)

  • Ms Elaine Chan Wai Kuen - DISTED College

    Ms Elaine Chan Wai Kuen

    Senior Lecturer

    BSc (Maths) (USM),
    MBA (USM)

  • Ms Seethai Subramaniam - DISTED College

    Ms Seethai Subramaniam

    Senior Lecturer

    BSc(Hons) (USM),
    MSc (IT) (USM)

  • Mr Yeap Chin Poh - DISTED College

    Mr Yeap Chin Poh

    Senior Lecturer

    BEcons (La Trobe), CPA Australia

  • Ms Rohayati Ahmad - DISTED College

    Ms Rohayati Ahmad

    Senior Lecturer

    BScBusiness Admin (St. Louis, Missouri),
    MBA (UUM)

  • Ms Tong Pei Sun - DISTED College

    Ms Tong Pei Sun

    Senior Lecturer

    BAccounting (USM),
    MBA (USM)

  • Mr Ravichandran Sellakannu - DISTED College

    Mr Ravichandran Sellakannu

    Senior Lecturer

    Dip Hotel & Catering Management (AH&LA),
    PGDip HRM (Glasgow Caledonian),
    MBA (Nottingham Trent)

  • Ms Tan Cheng Yoke - DISTED College

    DR Tan Cheng Yoke


    BManagement (Hons) (USM),
    M.Ed. (Educational Admin & Management),
    Doctor of Philosophy, USM

  • Ms Tan Sue Lin - DISTED College

    Ms Tan Sue Lin


    BEcons (UUM),
    MEducation (UUM)

  • Ms Tan Pei Shi - DISTED College

    Ms Tan Pei Shi


    BA (Hons) Business Admin,
    CeMBA (WOU)

  • Ms Nurul Nadia Mohamad - DISTED College

    Ms Nurul Nadia Mohamad


    BSc(Hons) Tourism Management (UiTM),
    MTourism Management (UiTM)

  • Mr Chan Wye Kok - DISTED College

    Mr Chan Wye Kok


    Dip Hotel & Catering Management (AH&LA)

  • Mr Muhammad Syafiq Bin Ahmad Bukhari - DISTED College

    Mr Muhammad Syafiq Bin Ahmad Bukhari


    Bachelor of Science (Hons)Culinary Arts Management (UiTM)

Computing and Engineering
  • Mr Lau Fook Soon - DISTED College

    Mr Lau Fook Soon

    Head, School of Computer and Engineering

    Master’s Degree in Engineering(Electrical/Electronic) majoring in Digital Electronic (University Of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom)

    Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering(Electrical/Electronic)(University of Northumbria at Newcastle, United Kingdom)

  • Mr Chin Yit Kwong

    Programme Coordinator, School of Computing and Engineering

    MEng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

    BEng (Hons) Computer Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

  • Mr Luqman Aliff Abdul Rashid - DISTED College

    Mr Luqman Aliff Abdul Rashid

    Programme Coordinator, School of Computing and Engineering

    BA(Hons) Multimedia (KLMU), MInstructional Multimedia (USM)

  • Mr Lee Kor Yong - DISTED College

    Mr Lee Kor Yong

    Senior Lecturer

    EC Pt 1 & 2 (Electronics) (UK), MSc (Warwick)

  • Mr Khor Ee Keat - DISTED College

    Mr Khor Ee Keat


    BEng Electronic Engineering, University of Abertay Dundee, UK

    BEng(Hons) Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Dundee, UK

  • Ms Khairu Nisa Binti Wazir - DISTED College

    Ms Khairu Nisa Binti Wazir


    BFine Arts (USM ), MInstructional Multimedia (USM)

  • Mr Loga Vijaindran A/L Damotharan - DISTED College

    Mr Loga Vijaindran A/L Damotharan


    BSc (Hons) Computer Science (UUM ), MSc IT (UUM)

  • Mr Zaki Bin Zakaria - DISTED College

    Mr Zaki Bin Zakaria


    BFine Arts (Hons) (USM)

  • Ms Soo Hoo Pei Ying - DISTED College

    Ms Soo Hoo Pei Ying

    Head, School of Psychology

    Master in Counselling (USM), BSc (Hons) Psychology (UTAR)

  • Ms Nurul Amal Bt Shaik Mohd Radhi - DISTED College

    Ms Nurul Amal Bt Shaik Mohd Radhi


    MHuman Sciences (Psychology) (UIAM), BSc (Hons) (USM)

  • Dr Laurel Wynne Kimura - DISTED College

    Dr Laurel Wynne Kimura


    Phd in Political Science / Social Pyschology (MIT, Cambridge, MA)

  • Ms Khor Khai Ling - DISTED College

    Ms Khor Khai Ling


    Master in Counselling (USM), BSc (Hons) Psychology (UTAR)