The DISTED School of Psychology offers the Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) in collaboration with HELP University, a pioneer in psychology studies among private institutions in Malaysia. Its psychology programme is one of the largest and most established undergraduate psychology education programmes in Asia. Students can be assured of the teaching quality and assessment as the programme syllabus and structure are the same as that conducted at HELP University.

The University sets the coursework components, examinations as well as marking and approval of examination results. Students have opportunities for practical training through working internships and research assistantships organised by DISTED and HELP University.

Experienced HELP University faculty staff supervise, monitor and evaluate the programme to ensure parity of academic standards with the University. The programme is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

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Study Psychology Degree Course at DISTED College

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at DISTED accords students with broad-based knowledge and transferable skills that are essential in the psychology profession and in occupations where psychology provides a useful base to improve people’s quality of life and work. It also paves the way to exciting and rewarding careers in the following areas:
  • Applied Psychology
  • Business and Public Sectors
  • Education
  • Academic and Research
  • Social Work

Intake Dates : January, May, August

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Study Bachelor (Hons) of Psychology at DISTED College

Programme Structure & Courses

  • Year 1

    • Introduction to Psychology 1
    • Introduction to Psychology 2
    • Scientific Thinking and Academic Writing
    • Introduction to Quantitative Methods 1
    • Introduction to Quantitative Methods 2
    • Career Exploration
    • Contextual Intelligence
    • Leadership and Life Skills (HELP MPU, U2)
  • Year 2

    • Advanced Quantitative Methods 1
    • Advanced Quantitative Methods 2
    • Social Psychology
    • Human Personality
    • Biopsychology
    • Developmental Psychology
    • Understanding and Managing Emotions
    • Industrial Training
    • Career Pathways in the Field of Behavioural Sciences in Malaysia (HELP MPU, U3)

    Electives (Choose 2)

    • Counseling Skills
    • Conflict Theory and Resolution
    • Human Services
    • Educational Psychology
    • Qualitative Research
    • Group Process
    • Exceptional Children: Developmental Disorders
    • Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect
    • Understanding Children in a Changing Society
  • Year 3

    • Undergraduate Thesis
    • Learning and Cognition
    • Ethics in Psychology
    • Abnormal Psychology
    • Career Development and Planning
    • Data Analytics for Psychology

    Electives (Choose 5)

    • Intro to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • Counseling Theories and Techniques
    • Issues in Contemporary Psychology
    • Substance Abuse
    • Forensic Psychology
    • Health Psychology
    • Cross Cultural Psychology
    • Youth Work and Services
    • Psychology of Eating
    • Human Motivation
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Psychology of Film
    • Therapeutic Play
    • Psychology in the Workplace
      ** The electives listed here are not exhaustive. The Dept may add new psychology electives in any given semester.

** Students are also required to complete MPU courses as stipulated by MQA (U2 & U3 are HELP University modules)

Study Pathway

Study Pathway for Psychology Degree at DISTED College

Overseas Study Pathway

Oversea/UK Study Pathway for Malaysia Psychology Student

Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • STPM: 2 Cs
  • A-Level: 1C, 1D
  • SACE International: ATAR 65
  • UEC: 5 Bs
  • HELP Foundation in Arts / Science: Pass all subjects (Minimum of 4 Credits)
  • CPU: Average 65 (6 subjects)
  • Foundation Programmes: Pass all subjects (50% of which must be Credits and above)

  • Diploma Programmes: Pass all subjects (30% of which must be Credits and above with minimum CGPA 2.00/4.00)

  • The standard entry requirements of 3 SPM/O-Level Credits Mathematics and Science and Passes in SPM Bahasa Melayu and English (for Malaysians) still apply.

English Language Proficiency Requirement (to fulfil one):

  • IELTS: 5.5
  • TOEFL: 550 paper based (213 computer-based; 80 internet-based)
  • MUET: Band 5
  • IGCSE O-Level: C for English or English Literature
  • SPM: A for English (A1/A2 or A+/A/A-)
  • UEC: B for English
  • HELP Foundation in Arts / Science: Credit for either Intermediate English or Advanced English
  • HELP English Immersion Programme: Minimum of B- in Level 6
  • SACE International: 14/20 for English as Second Language
  • Canadian Pre-U: 65 for ENG4U
  • PTE:42

Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.

Fee Structure

Super Saver Programme

Programme Overview

The Super – Saver programme is designed to reward students whom would like to continue their undergraduate programmes at DISTED upon completing their Pre-U/Diploma. Students stand to save up to 30% in tuition fees upon signing up for this scheme. In today’s uncertain environment, this package serves to protect and guarantee ones fees for the coming years ahead and to assist in making an informed decision in ones pursuit of tertiary education.

Package offered:

  • Diploma in Accounting to Staffordshire University UK Degree (Accounting & Finance)
  • Diploma in Business Studies to Staffordshire University UK Degree (Accounting & Finance / International Business Management / Marketing Management)
  • Diploma in Hotel Management to Staffordshire University UK Degree (International Business Management / Marketing Management)
  • SACE International to B.Psychology (Hons) HELP University

Super Saver for Pre-U to Diploma in Psychology at DISTED

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