International Students

DISTED College is located in Penang, which is also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”. Located off the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the island has offerings that attract both locals and foreigners alike.

With a rich colonial history as one of the major trading ports back then, Penang has always been a melting pot of cultures. You will be able to find heritage buildings imbued with diverse architectural influences. From classical British colonial buildings to Siamese temples, many of these buildings are built during the colonial era and are of great historical significance. Besides that, the island has undergone a street art revolution inspired to reignite the heritage tourism of the area. Notable street murals and even metal frame canvases are spread throughout the heritage area. Visitors can indulge in the lush artistic depictions of local culture influences in the artwork.

As of 2008 the capital of Penang, Georgetown, was officially listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its unique and unparalleled city townscape. The rich diversity of cultural history present in the island has shown itself its wide variety of food selections available. Foreign students will be able to savour on the best street food Malaysia has to offer. Walk along the streets of Penang and you are sure to find something that tantalizes your appetite. From traditional eastern cuisine to lavish avant-garde western dining, you will never have to worry about satisfying your taste buds. Food is always available all around the clock and students will never have to worry about going hungry. With golden beaches and tropical weather, students can bask in the sand and visit the many serene beaches found on the island’s coast.

Penang is also well equipped for the ease and convenience of its visitors. The availability of the Rapid Penang bus line allows easy access to any location on the island so that students will be able to travel easily even if they do not own a vehicle. The island is equipped with numerous libraries and cafes that students can study in. The Penang Digital Library even offers a 24-hour access to its vast collection of books and journals. Coupled with the built-in café, it is an especially conducive and comfortable location for students to study and relax. On the security side of things, Penang is considered to be a rather safe place for students to stay in. While no single place on earth is free from crime, it is still a secure place where students can study with a peace of mind.

The International Student Office is responsible for the activities and welfare of foreign students of the college. All of your basic needs and requirements will definitely be catered to and your welfare is well-cared for. We provide a range of services to ensure that your study here will be a smooth and unforgettable experience. Our services include first-time arrival airport reception and accommodation place for that signature Malaysian hospitality. All application and renewal of student pass and student visa will be handled by the International Student Office as well. We even monitor our students’ welfare on and off campus to make sure that their experience here will be a memorable one.

As being in a foreign country, we provide assistance and guidance on settling down so that all of your basic necessities are catered to. In addition, students can opt for a familiarisation tour to get themselves familiar with the local culture and its many offerings. We at DISTED care about more than just educational goals, but more than that we want our students to be able to grow in a holistic way. Rest assured that our students here in DISTED are promised a comprehensive and positive experience in both education and an opportunity for living the local life.