DISTED, Penang’s first private Not-For-Profit institution of higher learning owned by the Wawasan Education Foundation, is committed to providing education and training to young students to serve the needs of industry and community. It thrives on the confidence of the community and the strengths of its programmes, staff and student care.DISTED believes in the capability and commitment of Malaysians to provide a brand of education that is excellent, relevant and complete for all in the country. It offers a wide range of high-quality courses from certificate to bachelor degree level in pre-university studies, business, hospitality, psychology, IT and engineering.The college offers an environment that gives young school leavers safe and great opportunities to live and learn a life of adventure, creativity, independence, and leadership as well as to thrive and achieve significance in knowledge for the service of mankind. Students are able to enjoy a wide variety of social, cultural, entertainment and sporting activities that will contribute to a great on-campus and well-rounded learning experience.DISTED takes pride in its financial award and bursary schemes, which are partly supported by the Wawasan Education Foundation and Yeap Chor Ee Charitable Trust, and the success of the schemes in recognizing and rewarding not only academically talented students but also deserving students who are in financial need.

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DISTED empowers students for a holistic and meaningful education experience and a better start towards the career of their choice through the following collaborative enriching initiatives:

  • Industry Advisory Panels for the college to keep closer touch with industry players so as to make its programmes industry-relevant and high-quality students to be more job-ready.
  • INSPiRE Programme to maximize first-person exposure of students to industry and business leaders who share with them the personal and professional experience of industrial landscapes.
  • CONNECT Programme to promote a caring community culture and sensitize students to issues affecting society and engage the community on issues faced by young people.
  • Let’s Go Green Campaign to mould environmentally friendly and responsible citizens and develop leadership in environmental conservation leading to sustainable lifestyles.
  • eLearn is the college’s e-learning thrust that promotes complementary online delivery of lessons and sharing of experiences based on technology-enabled, student-centred and lecturer-facilitated learning. It utilizes Moodle as its e-learning platform.
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To be the premier college serving the needs of industry and community.


To equip students with well-rounded skills, knowledge and values for their future success.

Core Values

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    Customer Orientation

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    Process Driven

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    Continual Improvement


  • Commitment to delivering quality education through solid programmes, excellent faculties and good infrastructure.
  • Uphold quality and relevance as paramount in delivering higher education programmes.
  • Offer scholarships to outstanding and deserving students as a community initiative to promote high level of education among young people in the country.
  • Encourage and support staff to display a keen sense of commitment and responsibility so that each student is assured of a rewarding and meaningful education that will endure for a lifetime.
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