DISTED College, established in 1987 as Penang’s pioneer private institution of higher learning, has undergone a remarkable transformation since its modest beginnings, emerging as a prominent institution of higher education in Penang. Our overarching vision is to become the premier college in Penang, dedicated to serving the needs of both industry and the community.Today, the College offers a diverse range of programs encompassing Certificate, Foundation, Diploma, and Bachelor Degree levels across various fields, including Accounting, Business, Computing, Creative Multimedia, and Psychology. Additionally, DISTED has earned a distinguished reputation as the leading provider of Cambridge-A-Level and the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACEi) within the state.At DISTED, we deeply regard the well-being of our students and all members of our campus community. Our educational approach places a strong emphasis on integrating industry perspectives into students’ learning experiences. Leveraging our close collaborations with industry leaders, we prepare graduates who are highly sought after for their technical proficiency and interpersonal skills. Integrity is at the core of our values, and we consistently uphold principles of transparency and fairness in all our endeavours.Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, as we priorities diversity and inclusivity within our campus and our engagement with the broader community. We are dedicated to achieving excellence and professionalism across all facets of College life.

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DISTED empowers students for a holistic and meaningful education experience and a better start towards the career of their choice through the following collaborative enriching initiatives:

  • Industry Advisory Panels for the college to keep closer touch with industry players so as to make its programmes industry-relevant and high-quality students to be more job-ready.
  • INSPiRE Programme to maximize first-person exposure of students to industry and business leaders who share with them the personal and professional experience of industrial landscapes.
  • CONNECT Programme to promote a caring community culture and sensitize students to issues affecting society and engage the community on issues faced by young people.
  • Let’s Go Green Campaign to mould environmentally friendly and responsible citizens and develop leadership in environmental conservation leading to sustainable lifestyles.
  • eLearn is the college’s e-learning thrust that promotes complementary online delivery of lessons and sharing of experiences based on technology-enabled, student-centred and lecturer-facilitated learning. It utilizes Moodle as its e-learning platform.
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We aspire to be the premier college in Penang, serving the needs of industry and community.


We collaborate to ensure graduates are change-makers and support the creation of a sustainable and inclusive world.

Core Values

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    We respect and care for the well-being of students and all members of the campus community.

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    We believe in effective engagement with industry partners to produce graduates that are sought after for their technical and people skills.

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    We value integrity, exercise openness and fairness in everything that we do.

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    We are committed to diversity and inclusiveness both on campus and in advancing interactions with the wider community.

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    We strive for excellence and professionalism in all aspects of College life.


  • Commitment to delivering quality education through solid programmes, excellent faculties and good infrastructure.
  • Uphold quality and relevance as paramount in delivering higher education programmes.
  • Offer scholarships to outstanding and deserving students as a community initiative to promote high level of education among young people in the country.
  • Encourage and support staff to display a keen sense of commitment and responsibility so that each student is assured of a rewarding and meaningful education that will endure for a lifetime.
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