DISTED takes on the challenges to provide tertiary education for visually impaired students. It’s a great opportunity for us to continue further education and pursue our passion and dreams.

While studying at DISTED, we were offered extra consultation classes to make sure we understand our studies, completing our assignments and are well prepared for our tests and exams.

DISTED lecturers went the extra mile of arranging the classrooms to accommodate students like me who are visually impaired and used friendly teaching methods to enable us to understand and impart knowledge to us.

I like to take on new challenges and always wish to raise the awareness of visual impairment. I’m fortunate that the college, my mentor Mr Kelvin and the President & CEO of this College, Dr Seah Soo Aun was always there to support my outreach activities.

I like to spend my free time at DISTED library. The environment is so conducive and equipped with tons of study materials, journals and reading facilities for visually impaired students like me. Not to forget, the staff at DISTED are extremely helpful and warm.

Toh Chin Yuan

BA (Hons) International Business Management

First of all, I am grateful that DISTED has given me a great opportunity to complete my degree in IBM (International Business Management) course as well as widen my knowledge of the international business. On the other hand, DISTED also being supportive on the academic clubs which has given me more opportunities to practise my soft skills practically throughout the club’s activities

Michelle Lo Su Jing

First Class Honours, BA (Hons) International Business Management

DISTED’s lecturers are very help and approachable and willing to go extra mile for students. Besides that, DISTED library also provide students with useful source of information that help with assignments and exams

Ooi Wei Ning

First Class Honours, BA (Hons) International Business Management

There are a lot of dedicated, approachable and extremely supportive lecturers who have played a huge part in contributing to my academic success. Furthermore, there are also plenty of resources available at the library which also helped me a lot throughout my degree.

Sanice Lim Yumay

First Class Honours Graduate, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Studying in DISTED College, I had experienced lecturers and supportive peers who were ready to assist me in overcoming my academic challenges. The study environment was also friendly and enjoyable, which made it conducive to learning. Overall, the course had not only equipped me with basic knowledge of different fields in Psychology but had also prepared me for the working world with hands-on experiences and internship. Thus, by finishing my Bachelor of Psychology in DISTED College, I would say that I had been given a head start and it eases my current study life in Master of Child Psychology, UCSI University. Anyways, to the juniors who may still be struggling in their studies, just remember to manage your time properly, work in your own pace or within your capabilities and don’t hesitate to seek help from the lecturers, mentors or seniors if you needed any guidance. Also, do try and participate or volunteer in more events, because it does help to sharpen your leadership and organizational skills (besides earning bonus points). Lastly, enjoy your journey!

Jeannie Lim

First Class Honours Graduate, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

DISTED provides a broad range of modules within my course, enabling me to gain an insight into different areas of Psychology and experience its diverse and applicable nature. Meanwhile, the accomplished projects and assignments throughout my course of studies also help me to enhance my soft skills such as communication skills & critical thinking skills, which contribute to the confidence level in my career now.

Carmen Oo Shu Wen

First Class Honours Graduate, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)