Student Testimonials

Sofea Izrin Lee

Cambridge A-Level (2015)

"Here at DISTED, there are many avenues for one to grow and excel, be it in studies or extramural activities. The vibrant student community here makes college life an exciting and thrilling experience for me.”

Khaw Wen Xin

Diploma in Business Studies (2015)

"The Diploma in Business Studies programme combines theory with excellent practical learning opportunities, which is really useful for real world applications.”

Esther Low Harn Shiang

Staffordshire University
BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance (2014)

"Besides benefiting from a well-structured and career-driven curriculum, I had a good industrial exposure during a 3-month work placement where I acquired useful practical job experience.

The optimum class size at the college afforded me a closer interaction with the likeable and helpful lecturers that enabled me to gain a firmer grasp of the lessons taught."

Fong Mei Yee

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management
CGPA 3.83 / 4.0 (2014)

"Studying hospitality is interesting as it develops people skills besides technical and organizational skills.

I had good and affable lecturers with whom I shared a lot of fun that added excitement to my learning experience."

Ong May Xian

Diploma in Business Studies CGPA 4.65 / 5.0 (2014)

"The diploma course provided me a broad-based business education on managing a business enterprise.

Besides good teaching and helpful guidance, the lecturers shared real cases from their previous working experience in the industry to make their lessons insightful.”

Elvyn Bee

Recipient of DISTED Sports Excellence Award
Diploma in Hospitality Business Management (2014)

"DISTED’s financial award has given me a head start in pursuing my diploma programme. The generous support from the College allows me to focus on giving my best academic performance.”

Sonia Saw

Recipient of DISTED Merit Award
Cambridge A-Level (2014)

"I am glad that DISTED recognises and rewards academic excellence; it inspires me to be committed to excel in my studies. Hardwork pays off, and it’s definitely not another cliché.”

Looi Kah Mei

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management
CGPA 3.84 / 4.0 (2013)

“Apart from gaining industry-oriented knowledge, I had the opportunity to develop adeptness through practical coursework, industrial attachment and enrichment activities, all of which would give me an edge when joining the employment sector.

I took part in organizing various events and projects, such as the Viva La George Town Carnival and hospitality prom night, which helped me to build people skills and job confidence."

Sharene Low

Staffordshire University
BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance First Class Honours (2013)

“I took part in a number of extramural activities such as the go-green beach walk, charity do for an old folks home, career talks and industry visits.

Apart from personal enrichment and the opportunity to build friendships, the activities gave me a closer feel of working in the industry.”

Carmen Ng Kah Mun

Diploma in Business Studies CGPA 4.40 / 5.0 (2013)

"I appreciate my lecturers very much for their dedication to teach well as long as the students are willing to learn.

They cared for my academic progress and exam performance, which encouraged me to strive for higher heights."

Goh Wan Ling

SAM ATAR 98.30 (2013)

"SAM is an ideal pre-university course as it can be completed in a fast-track pace of 1 year and provides a holistic education experience by combining coursework and examination."

Teh Xian Zhi

SAM ATAR 99.60 (2013)

"By teaching with enthusiasm and being ever helpful, DISTED SAM lecturers inspire students to strive harder academically.

The coursework component in SAM adds excitement to learning and is useful for developing academic skills and soft skills which are transferable to degree studies and working life.”

Ng Wei Yao

Cambridge A-Level
A*A*A*Aa (2013)

"I’m very glad to have excelled in the A-Level, which affirms my trust in DISTED based on its strong reputation of conducive learning environment and quality lecturers.

I preferred the Cambridge A-Level as it’s a gateway to university studies worldwide, giving me the choice of further studies in various countries."

Cassandra Low Ju Yee

Cambridge A-Level
A*A*A*A*a (2013)

“The Cambridge A-Level is challenging, academically stimulating and internationally recognized for university entry.

If you’re up for the challenge of studying hard to acquire an exam-oriented rigorous grounding for tertiary studies without having to do lots of assignments, the Cambridge A-Level is the ideal choice.”

Alicia Wong Li Yuin

Staffordshire University
BA(Hons) Marketing Management First Class Honours (2012)

“DISTED has helpful lecturers who are willing to assist students beyond the classroom.

Compared to what I had gathered from friends in other institutions, the Staffordshire University business course is more comprehensive and rigorous."

Lim Xiu Ling

Staffordshire University
BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance First Class Honours (2012)

“I chose the Staffordshire University programme for its reputation of quality, and affordability with 3+0 option of completing the entire course at the college.

The college has an e-learning system that provides convenient study support to students while the university gives online access to international periodicals and research papers that are useful for doing assignments."

Lai Choon Peng

Cambridge A-Level
A*A*A*A*c (2012)

“DISTED afforded me the opportunity to complete the A-Level in just 1 year, leading to cost savings and faster entry into university.

Experienced, capable and approachable lecturers are the hallmark of the A-Level programme at DISTED.

Apart from quality teaching, the college’s course fees are relatively affordable. I would have to pay twice the cost of studying had I done the same pre-university course in the Klang Valley,”

Chuah Yimin

Cambridge A-Level
AAAAc (2012)

“The Cambridge A-Level is a very prestigious pre-university qualification that is highly regarded the world over.

I owe my success too to my A-Level lecturers who are very experienced and approachable beyond class hours."

Tan Chun Chuan

SAM ATAR 97.05 (2012)

"The coursework in SAM develops practical academic skills, people skills and communication skills which make one better prepared for the challenges of university education and life.

With its ample useful referencing resources and helpful personnel, the college’s library provides solid support to students in doing assignments."

Ashten Avinash Anthony

SAM ATAR 94.40 (2012)

"With its coursework component, SAM gave me a great experiential learning that enriched my personal development beyond acquiring knowledge."

Ong Zhi Yuan

Diploma in Business Studies
CGPA 4.52 / 5.0 (2012)

“The business studies course imparts business reality skills through coursework which requires students to do research and present reports on actual business enterprises.

Apart from parental support and encouragement, I’m thankful to my diploma lecturers who are caring and patient in guiding students to reach for greater heights.”

Christina Widjaja

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management
CGPA 3.60 / 4.0 (2012)

“The DISTED hospitality curriculum is excellent and attractive as it combines both hospitality and business management, which is distinctively different from what is offered in other colleges that I know of.

It gives a wider career perspective encompassing both the service industry and the business sector."

Amy Lim Hui Ying

Staffordshire University
BA(Hons) Accounting and Finance First Class Honours (2011)

“I benefited a lot from the good guidance given by my experienced and helpful lecturers.

The business degree programme is well-managed by the college, which facilitates students’ maximizing their learning experience."

Cheok Huey Ing

Staffordshire University
BA(Hons) Business Management First Class Honours (2011)

“The Staffordshire University programme has broadened my knowledge, thinking skills and mindset to face the challenges in the working world.

The course assignments spurred me to read widely to keep in touch with the latest industry trends and practices."

Chan Wai Yen

Cambridge A-Level
A*A*A*A*a (2011)

“I chose the A-Level for its international reputation as a hallmark of pre-university qualification. It suited my preference for an exam-oriented learning system with flexibility to select subjects of interest to me.

My A-Level lecturers not only taught well but also, very supportive in providing help and encouragement."

Soon Wei Shyan

Cambridge A-Level
A*A*A*A*a (2011)

“At DISTED, I had the opportunity to complete the A-Level in just 1 year, leading to fast track entry into university besides cost savings.

I cherish my lecturers who are not only knowledgeable and experienced but also, friendly and fun, which makes learning more interesting,"

Ong Lin Eow

SAM ATAR 99.00 (2011)

“Having good and supportive lecturers gave me the encouragement to strive harder to excel in SAM.

Course assignments in SAM make learning exciting and challenging although they require putting in a lot of efforts.

I made the best use of the resources available in the college’s library and the internet as well as my own reading materials when completing the coursework."

Yew Chow Ping

SAM ATAR 96.75 (2011)

“My very good, knowledgeable and helpful lecturers spurred me to give my very best to my studies.

The coursework component makes SAM an interesting pre-university course that develops soft skills besides academic ability."

Lee Yi Ting

Diploma in Business Studies
CGPA 4.83 / 5.0 (2011)

“The DISTED business studies programme has given me a broad outlook of managing a business enterprise as it covers all the key business operation areas.

The college has a nice and relaxing ambience with helpful lecturers and optimal class size for closer interaction among students and academic staff. This conducive environment has encouraged me to study well.”

Low Zhi Chien

Diploma in Hospitality Business Management
CGPA 3.46 / 4.0 (2011)

“The DISTED hospitality course is attractive as it combines both hospitality management and business skills.

It broadens my learning perspective and grooms me for the service industry as well as the business sector and entrepreneurship."

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