Empowering Excellence: DISTED’s Scholarships/Awards, Healthcare Innovations, and Leadership Development 

Our Cover Story for this refreshed look of DISTED Discourse introduces the DISTED College Excellence Scholarship and Merit Award. This scholarship and awards significantly benefit academically excellent students and those in financial need. This is to ensure that top achievers can pursue higher education without financial constraints. The eligibility criteria, which include strong academic records, leadership qualities, and community service, ensure that well-rounded individuals are selected. This initiative makes education more accessible to a broader range of students, alleviating financial burdens and encouraging academic excellence. 

To excel in a scholarship/award interview, students should thoroughly research the scholarship/awards, review their application, and practice answering common questions. They should also present themselves professionally, maintain good body language, and arrive punctually. During the interview, they should stay calm, confident, and authentic, highlighting relevant experiences and showing enthusiasm. They should communicate concisely, ask insightful questions, and follow up with a thank-you note to express appreciation and reaffirm interest in the scholarship. 

By investing in their students’ futures, DISTED College helps them achieve their full potential and pursue their educational aspirations, ultimately contributing to a brighter and more prosperous community. 

Prof. Dr. Vikneswaran Nair


DISTED College Scholarships: Empowering Students for Academic Excellence 


 The DISTED Excellence Scholarship, an exclusive and prestigious award, is the   most sought-after offering by the college. It is funded through the I.K. Meek     Scholarship (Ian Kingsley Meek, a prominent lawyer, resided with his family in   the existing DISTED College heritage building from 1924 to 2008) and the   DISTED Scholarship fund. This scholarship rewards a select few students with   outstanding academic performance in their SPM or IGCSE examinations. 

 The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are for students who have achieved   9As (A+/A/A-) or 10As (A+/A/A-) in their SPM or IGCSE examinations.   Applicants must display strong leadership qualities, teamwork capabilities, and   exceptional performance in extra-curricular activities. They should also exhibit   exceptional interpersonal skills and a commitment to community service. The selection process, which includes an interview to assess the applicant’s suitability for the scholarship, is designed to ensure a fair chance for all eligible students. 

The DISTED Merit Award is another significant initiative by the college to support new students enrolling in 2024. This award is based on students’ academic results from their IGCSE and SPM examinations. All new students enrolling in DISTED College programmes in 2024 are eligible to apply for this Award. Students must have notable academic achievements in their IGCSE and SPM examinations. The Merit Award offers up to an 80% rebate on tuition fees. Students can apply for the DISTED Excellence Scholarship and the DISTED Merit Award. If a student successfully obtains the Excellence Scholarship, the award with the highest quantum will automatically apply. 


DISTED College is committed to providing its students with a supportive and enriching environment. Through its scholarship programmes, the college recognises academic excellence and fosters a spirit of leadership, community service, and personal growth among its students. These scholarships enable students to pursue their educational aspirations and achieve their full potential. 

Prospective students are encouraged to visit the official DISTED College website or contact the admissions office directly for more information on application procedures and deadlines. 


Malaysia’s Surgical Revolution: Robots Transforming Healthcare and Economy

Malaysia stands at the threshold of a transformative medical era with robotic surgery, promising minimally invasive procedures, quicker recoveries, and potentially reduced costs. This technology is a game-changer for patients and the economy alike. In nations like Malaysia, enhancing healthcare quality can be challenging, but robotic surgery offers a viable solution. Surgeons benefit from reduced fatigue, leading to fewer infections and better patient outcomes. Moreover, hospitals can elevate care standards, decrease complications, and enhance patient satisfaction, addressing critical healthcare challenges.

The economic implications are profound. Robotic surgery can attract medical tourists, create high-skilled jobs, and drive medical innovation. Furthermore, it provides invaluable educational insights for students in applied economics, offering a unique case study at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and economic growth. Students can delve into Economic Impact Analysis, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of robotic surgery and its broader economic effects. They can explore how faster recoveries and improved outcomes translate into lower costs and increased productivity.

Job market dynamics are transformed with robotics, creating new opportunities for surgeons, engineers, technicians, and IT specialists. Students can analyse these impacts on Malaysia’s economy and workforce. Health tourism and foreign investment are bolstered as robotic surgery attracts international patients, benefiting sectors like hospitality and transportation. Students can study the economic benefits, including foreign exchange earnings. Further, innovation and economic growth are spurred by cutting-edge medical technologies, fostering research, entrepreneurship, and overall competitiveness. Students can investigate how these advancements contribute to broader economic growth.

By embracing robotic surgery, Malaysia not only advances healthcare but also lays the groundwork for a dynamic, innovative economy. Through real-world case studies, DISTED College equips students to analyse practical solutions, preparing them to contribute to Malaysia’s transformative journey towards a vibrant future.

Nur Aisya Najwa
Lecturer, School of Business and Hospitality


Python Programming: A Crucial Skill for the New Generation of Computer Science Students 

Python, one of the most popular programming languages in the world nowadays, has been introduced as a beginner programming language essential for computer science students. The significance of Python programming has surged immensely in recent years, especially in fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Python’s versatility as a general-purpose programming language allows it to be utilised in various domains, including Automation, Web Development, Machine Learning, and numerous others. Consequently, choosing Python as the introductory programming language helps immerse students in cutting-edge technological developments. Its straightforward syntax makes it easier to grasp fundamental programming concepts at an introductory level. 

At DISTED College, our Computer Science and Creative Multimedia students have not just shown an interest but a genuine enthusiasm and commitment to learning Python programming. Their active participation in the classroom is a testament to their dedication. Introducing Python programming at the early stages of their education aids them in understanding basic programming concepts within a structured and object-oriented framework.  

By incorporating Python programming into the curriculum for new Computer Science students, we are not just teaching a programming language but preparing our future generation for the dynamic career that awaits them in technology. This early adoption of Python equips students with a versatile and powerful tool that is highly applicable in today’s technological landscape. It fosters a deeper understanding of programming concepts and enhances students’ ability to adapt to various technical tasks, inspiring them to excel in their future careers.  

Eng Yee Wei
Lecturer, School of Computing and Engineering 


Choosing DISTED College: My Journey with the SACE International Programme                                              

Finishing my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination was a blurry time, filled with uncertainty about what and where to study. I finally chose DISTED College because my cousin had studied there before and always spoke highly of it. Despite its relatively small size, DISTED College offers complete facilities that cater to students’ needs, creating an ideal learning environment. 

When I came across DISTED College, I discovered the SACE International programme. I was captivated by its international recognition and balanced evaluation system. With 70 per cent from continuous assessments and 30 per cent from external examinations, this programme allows for a more flexible and comprehensive evaluation of students. Unlike traditional programmes that depend heavily on final exam performance, SACE mitigates this risk. Besides, this structure not only trained me to excel in both assignments and exams but also gave me the space to express my ideas and creativity. Hence, it perfectly aligned with my philosophy of “study hard, play hard,” allowing me to enjoy a well-rounded academic experience. 

Throughout this programme, I had the opportunity to discuss my studies with lecturers, which greatly improved my assessments. The lecturers’ dedication and willingness to assist have been invaluable in my academic journey. 

DISTED provided me with a 100 per cent scholarship, easing the financial burden on my family and motivating me to strive for excellence. With the support of the college and my parents, I excelled in my studies and achieved good results in the SACE programme. I will carry this spirit of hard work and dedication into my future endeavours, confident in the strong foundation that DISTED College has helped me build. 

High ATAR Achiever in SACEi :  Loo Yi Xuan
Northern Hemisphere April 2024 Examination 


Insights from Internship Visits at Special Needs Centres  

 On June 27th, Ms. Syahirah Farwin, a lecturer in Psychology at DISTED College, accompanied by Ms. Teoh Ker Hsin, visited two Bachelor of Psychology students, Ms. Yeap Ai Ning and Ms. Sharvina Balachandran, at the 2 Ways Centre. This visit was part of DISTED’s commitment to provide support and guidance to the students as they gain practical exposure in the field. The centre focuses on promoting mental health awareness, particularly for children with special needs, and our role as educators is to ensure our students are well-prepared to contribute to this important work. 


During the visit, Ms. Silviane Bonedai, the onsite supervisor, explained the centre’s operations and highlighted the significant impact of the pandemic on special needs children. This underscores the current challenges in the field and the need for innovative solutions. She also emphasised Sharvina’s responsibilities, which include teaching methodologies and behaviour management, showing the importance of our students’ roles in addressing these challenges. 

Additionally, the lecturers visited the Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children, where they met with Ms. Jean Lee, the onsite supervisor. They learned about the organisation’s holistic approach to educating autistic children, which involves parents and provides free services to help children integrate into mainstream education and the community. 

The visits underscored the practical exposure that DISTED students like Sharvina and Yeap Ai Ning gain, highlighting the valuable experience and skills they acquire in these impactful learning environments. 

Tan Sue Lin
Programme Lead, School of Psychology 


Leadership Training at DISTED College with Toastmasters’ Carmen Loo 

 On Saturday, June 22, 2024, DISTED College hosted a dynamic leadership training session conducted by Ms. Carmen Loo, a seasoned representative from District 51 Toastmasters International. The event attracted a diverse group of seventeen participants, including members of DISTED College’s esteemed Student Representative Council (SRC) and incoming scholarship recipients. 

Spanning from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the session was designed to foster a deeper understanding of leadership through a series of interactive team-building activities and specialised exercises. These activities were meticulously crafted to enhance critical skills such as self-awareness, effective communication, collaborative problem-solving, and adaptability—essential traits for navigating leadership roles with confidence and efficacy. 

Participants were encouraged to cultivate trust within teams and across organizational settings, recognising its pivotal role in fostering cohesive and high-performing groups. Ms. Carmen Loo’s facilitation was marked by her wealth of experience and engaging teaching style, which seamlessly blended theory with practical insights. Through real-world scenarios and interactive discussions, she empowered participants to grasp the nuances of effective leadership, equipping them with actionable strategies and tools.    The impact of the training was palpable, with attendees expressing heightened readiness and inspiration to take on leadership responsibilities with renewed vigour. The event not only provided valuable skills but also instilled a sense of purpose and confidence among participants, ensuring they are well-prepared to lead effectively within their academic and professional journeys. 

Aldanish Aniq ,Student of SACE-i Public Relations for Newsletter, Student Representative Council (SRC)