DISTED College orchestrated a Leadership Day Camp bringing together 67 SMJK Union secondary school students. The purpose was to cultivate leadership, initiative, communication, and self-confidence among the youth through dynamic activities. Starting at 7:30 AM, students convened at their school’s basketball court before proceeding to DISTED College. After a warm breakfast and a spirited photo session, the day revolved around station games from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. 

Union picture

The camp comprised ten groups rotating through six activities aimed at fostering leadership qualities. These included a scavenger hunt promoting teamwork and problem-solving, a critical thinking exercise to locate a stolen artefact, an art therapy session encouraging self-expression, a communication challenge in the form of a human knot, a simulation to develop entrepreneurial skills, and tasks testing observation abilities. 

The event concluded with a prize and certificate ceremony at 12:30 PM, acknowledging the participants’ dedication. Overall, the Leadership Day Camp was deemed a success, underlining the significance of collaborative youth development efforts. Gratitude was extended to volunteers whose support was integral to the event’s execution. DISTED College affirmed its commitment to nurturing leadership and community spirit, expressing anticipation for future empowering initiatives.