Disted achieved another impressive year of A-Level results with Tan Wei Huei and Chin Jin Ern both scored 3A*1A despite the challenging time.

Tan is currently applying a prestiges university in London to pursue her studies in Laws. She said “Diligence, perseverance and motivation, after all, whether you succeed, to a certain extent is dependent upon your efforts,” “However, vital it would be, for you to derive your own study techniques and exam strategies,” she continued. 

Another student Chin Jin Ern, who had achieved excellent results in his A-Level exam recommended students who are currently pursuing A-Level said “Doing past years and checking with the mark scheme to familiarise yourself with the questions are structured and the kind of answer that the CIE expects,”

“You would realise that many questions are repetitive and you would certainly know exactly what answers the questions call for the moment you see it,” he continued. Chin plans to pursue his further studies in Mechanical Engineering in UK. 

Other top achievers include Chong Ying Min scored 2A*1A1B and Wong Jer Han obtained 1A*2A1B. Please visit https://disted.edu.my/testimonial/ and read on their testimonials. 

Congratulations on your achievements, you have passed the exam with flying colours!