Students at Disted celebrated the SACE-i success, among the high achievers was Tan Xin Fang who scored 90.25 in the exam. 

“The time and effort I spent was indisputably worth it, all thanks to the helpful and supportive lecturers in the college,” she said. “Be it an online class or a psychical lecture, Disted lecturers’ strategic approach and experiences have exhibited and enable me to relate my learnings throughout the course to the materials or textbooks provided, making my learning mush easier,” Tan continued. 

Other achievers include Tan Wan Sean scored 85.90 said SACE-i has helped her learned to break down overwhelming projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. “I know these lessons in time management will serve me well for a lifetime,” she continued.

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Last but not least, we congratulate to all our students for their excellent performances in the recent SACE-i examination. We are proud through their incredible achievements.
Below are some of our brightest and best students.