Penang, January 19, 2024 – On this day, a significant event unfolded as DISTED College welcomed representatives from prominent Irish universities. This noteworthy visit brought together Atlantic Technological University, Griffith College, South East Technological University, Dundalk Institute of Technology, and Technological University of the Shannon. Mr. CK Chiau of Mystudy Education Consulting orchestrated this collaborative effort.

The primary aim of this visit was to forge closer ties between DISTED College and these prestigious Irish institutions, with a strong focus on enhancing opportunities for students and promoting educational excellence. The meeting recognised the diverse educational backgrounds of students and emphasised the importance of creating clear pathways for those transitioning from Cambridge A-Level and SACEi programmes to Irish universities. This collaborative effort seeks to streamline the academic journey for students, providing them with international educational opportunities.

EVents 22 Jan 1
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A significant highlight of the discussion was facilitating credit transfers for diploma students seeking to study abroad. Irish universities expressed their commitment to simplifying this process, ensuring that students from DISTED College can seamlessly transfer their credits and continue their education in Ireland. This initiative promises to open exciting prospects for students to explore diverse academic landscapes and gain global perspectives.

The collaboration also delved into the availability of scholarships and subsidised tuition fees for students pursuing higher education in European Union countries. Irish universities shared valuable insights into the financial aid options for international students, making education in Europe more affordable and accessible.

As the meeting concluded on a positive note, both DISTED College and the Irish universities recognised the immense potential for collaboration. This visit is a significant milestone in the journey toward a partnership that could redefine the educational landscape, offering students a broader array of opportunities and experiences. The future holds great promise for students at DISTED College, as they prepare to embark on exciting academic journeys. The partnership with Irish universities offers hope for all aspiring scholars, promising a brighter, more accessible future in education.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to explore the endless possibilities that lie ahead through the collaboration between DISTED College and Irish Universities.