On the 27th of November 2023, Digit School, Wawasan Open University, played host to Idea Pesta—an event orchestrated by Digital Penang to champion and nurture tech entrepreneurship within institutes of higher learning. This year saw enthusiastic participation from teams at Wawasan Open University (WOU) and DISTED, reflecting the growing interest in marrying academic knowledge with real-world problem-solving. 

The programme’s overarching objective was clear: to instigate an innovation-driven culture and propel students towards applying their acquired knowledge to tangible, real-world solutions. Positioned as a crucial pipeline for the development of quality startups, Idea Pesta 2023 set the stage for the future technological landscape of the State of Penang. 

In the spirit of healthy competition, monetary incentives added an extra layer of excitement. The first prize, a substantial PM5000, was a tantalizing reward, with the first runner-up and second runner-up securing RM3000 and RM2000, respectively. 

DISTED team, comprising Lim Siau Chong from the Diploma in Computer Science and Tan Khai Hin from the Foundation in Science, clinched the 2nd runner-up position, earning them the coveted RM2000 prize. With a total of 8 teams from Wawasan Open University and 2 Teams from DISTED, Idea Pesta 2023 not only fueled the flames of innovation but also channeled the collective energy of young minds towards addressing critical issues such as climate change, environmental sustainability, education inequality, and access—aligning academia with the societal challenges of Penang.  Well done to the team!