Dear Students,


Welcome back to DISTED on ground campus!


We have an exciting activity for all of you, Scavenger Hunt 2022!

Start Date: 10th January 2022

End Date: 14th January 2022

Venue: DISTED College Campus


As most of you will be in campus from 10 Jan 2022 (Monday) onwards for class, we are excited to let you some activities for all students. As and when you are entering the campus ground, you need to:−


  1. Pick up a piece of paper from entry point from Guard
  2. Read through the instructions when you had parked your
  3. Provide us with name and your Remember to write todays’ date.
  4. You are required to have evidence based item and asking staff that you meet in the department to ask for her name to write it to your paper. (TOTAL 8 locations)
  5. Complete them within 30 Minutes (half hour) of the day, you get a small little gift from Student Affairs
  6. For students who Evidence of MySejahtera check-in will determine if you win the prize!



  1. If you do not know the way, please ask the location from our friendly staff around
  2. And if you reach to the office as stated, please ask them for their name.
  3. Still have questions? Seek help from staff at Student Affairs Office or call 016-4337604.


You may download the activity form below and fill up the task as you progress.