DISTED students ushered in the year of rat by participating in one of the Penang most anticipated CNY celebration, the 2020 CNY Street Temple Celebration a.k.a Miaohui. This year, the celebration held on the 9th Feb, Sunday along 12 diverse major and minor streets in the heart of the famous Georgetown UNESCO Heritage Site included cultural booths, exhibitions, workshops and performances.

This year, DISTED students exhibited the true spirit of volunteerism by reaching out and participated in the celebration as helpers. Some of the students were assigned to man the traditional games booths and clan cultural exhibitions providing information to the patrons. They also need to act as interpreters to explain and provide info of the various clan traditions to foreign visitors.

Others were assigned to duty on stage as stage coordinators. One of the students Richard shared, “This is my first time as stage manager, I’m nervous and have butterflies in my stomach,” “I need to oversee the entire show, make sure all props are in condition, calling cue for lighting, sound and scene  change cue for the show,” he added. “Although it’s hard, there’s noise everywhere, people talking and shouting, I can barely communicate with my stage crews with walkie-talkie,” he said. “However, I learned a lot and enjoy this experience. I will definitely participate again for next year event,” he committed.

There were some 35 official photographers put on duty to capture the happy and joyful moments during the night-long event. They were assigned in different areas to cover the event. One of the photographer whose name Vanessa Scully shared “It’s a challenge for me. I need to push through the crowd, adjust my camera settings and snap the shot!”

“You need to act fast, be alert of what’s going to happen, set your camera settings right and give it the best shot!” she added.

It was a fruitful learning experience for all participated students. The students met and have made a lot of new friends.