Certificate in Intensive English

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Intake Dates
Intakes are available in January, March and August over 15 months totaling up to 61 to 62 credits.

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KPT/JPT(R2/224/3/0067) 03/21 (A6752)

Level 1: English for Interpersonal Use
Level 1 focuses on learning essential language macro-skills of written and spoken English with reading, listening and speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary. It enhances student’s English proficiency for social communication and interpersonal use and prepares students to meet the challenges of the real world by focusing on language use in an English speaking culture and educational institution.

Level 2: English for Informational Use
Level 2 focuses on social communication to allow students to communicate more accurately and confidently in English. There is emphasis on accent reduction and correct intonation, and also reading strategies for approaching narrative, creative and informative writing such as writing short stories and letters.

Training is provided to help students improve the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to enable students to access, process and present information in English. Students are exposed to realistic IELTS test practices so that they become familiar with the IELTS requirements and format.

Level 3: English for Academic Use
Level 3 refines student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills so that they can access, process and present information orally and in writing for academic purposes. Students also learn to access knowledge on the Internet and to improve ICT skills in English. This level caters to the specific academic needs of students intending to further pursue various diploma and degree programmes.

Level 4: English for Advanced Academic Use
Level 4 exposes students to the requirements of the IELTS test and improve English proficiency to an IELTS score of higher than 5 so that students will be better prepared for college life in an English speaking institution locally or abroad. Classes focus on using the English language for academic purposes and a wide variety of reading materials of increasing difficulty with emphasis on content related to various fields of tertiary studies.

General Studies
Students are required to complete the compulsory General Studies prescribed by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Duration of Study
Intakes are available in January, March and August – 3 normal semesters and 1 short semester over 15 months totalling up to 61 to 62 credits.

SPM: 1 credit and a pass in Bahasa Malaysia.

Other equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.

At DISTED, you experience an exciting, practical all-rounded tertiary education conducted in a conducive campus environment. Learning approach includes group classroom teaching, discussions, research projects and oral-aural activities.

  • Qualified, dedicated and caring lecturers supported by experienced technical staff.
  • Optimum class size with close personal attention by lecturers.
  • Close monitoring of your academic progress.
  • Ideal learning environment at our purpose-built Yeap Chor Ee Heritage Campus with excellent modern facilities.
  • The International Student Unit caters to the needs and well-being of foreign students by providing a range of services and student support programmes.

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