DISTED College hosted its annual Convocation and Appreciation Dinner in conjunction with its 27th Convocation Ceremony. The dinner, held at a leading hotel in Penang on 29th June was to celebrate the success of its graduates and high achievers in the Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes at DISTED. It was also to recognise the contribution and support by members of its Industrial Advisory Panel, academic partners, external examiners and various individuals for all their dedication to DISTED throughout the years.

In attendance for the annual event were Dr Seah Soo Aun, President and CEO of DISTED College, Chairman of DISTED’s Board of Directors Dato Seri Stephen Yeap, members of DISTED’s Board of Directors and Professor Ieuan Ellis, Pro Vice Chancellor for Partnerships and Region representing Staffordshire University, UK.

Dr Seah officiated the event by acknowledging the support of those in attendance especially towards Staffordshire University and HELP University who has been long standing partners with DISTED. He thanked the many industry leaders, academic members, education partners as well as high school principals and teachers for their support to DISTED.

Dr Seah also congratulated the graduands and top achievers for this year’s convocation for displaying exceptional scholastic ability and great character. He mentioned that their achievements today will echo throughout their lives and will always be an inspiration to many other students in the future. He added that, however, the success of these students are never done alone and it is with the support of DISTED’s dedicated lecturers, support services and partners of DISTED which culminate in the success the students enjoy today.

“With all your support, DISTED has successfully groomed more than 10,000 alumni throughout its 31 years of existence, and has given them the foundation to become productive members of society,” Dr Seah said.

Other event highlights included the presentation of appreciation awards to DISTED education partners by Mr Andy Tai, Head of Marketing & Communications. Dr Jerry Koay, Director of Academic Affairs was also present to present the appreciation awards to DISTED’s industry advisors and academic panels. Last but not least, comes the highlight of the evening and the moment which everyone has been waiting for, the presentation of the top achievers award to the top graduating students of 2018 by Dr Seah.

It was a wonderful evening, with graduates looking forward to join the prestigious and exclusive group of DISTED alumni upon the completion of the DISTED 27th Convocation Ceremony the following day.


Top achievers with Dr Seah, President and CEO of DISTED College and Dato Seri Stephen Yeap, Chairman of BOD.
Dr Seah is giving his opening speech.
Dr Seah with VIPs include Dato Seri Dr Kelvin Kiew, Chairman of BOD, Dato Seri Stephen Yeap, member of board and academic partners.
Dr Seah with VIPs include President of Penang Chefs Association, Chef Audee Cheah and President of Malaysia Association of Hotels, Pg.
Top achievers and their proud parents with Ms Annie, Ms Lak and Ms Jesscia.
Top achievers and their proud parents with Ms Marian.
Mr Andy, Ms Ann, Mr Teoh and our valued partners include representative from AUG.
Dr Gwee, Dr Loo, Dr Ng and invited guests and member of IAP.
Ms Dawn and member of media, partners and invited guests.
Ms Susie and member of IAP from hotel industry.
Dr Jerry Koay, Mr Paul and member of IAP include Mr William from PCA.