Workshop on digital world at DISTED College, 28 Jul.

DISTED School of Computing and Engineering hosted its inaugural Creative Digital Workshop at DISTED College on 21 Jul 2018  which was open to all secondary schools student from the Northern Region and for free.

The workshop aims to equip secondary students with latest basic digital knowledge, skills and techniques and comprised of three different activities which allowed students to be exposed to different fields of the digital world.

Firstly students were introduced to The DSLR and smartphone photography activity which provided students with useful tips and skills on how to take the perfect photo for their social media post. They were also taught how to manage and store the photos as well as how to edit the shot.

After that, students were introduced to the world of digital drawing. This fun and interactive activity presented useful methods and techniques on how to construct drawings and to utilise cutaway effects with various software tools.

Finally students were introduced to the Internet of Things which provided students everything they need to know about big data such as collecting and sharing of data from Internet and where it goes next.

Students were invited to join in a friendly knock-out digital challenge at the end of the day. The champion team who scored the highest marks would stand a chance to walk away with hamper worth RM120 and VIP tickets to 3D Trick Art Museum. The 1st and 2nd runners up were also given hampers worth RM90 and RM70 together with VIP tickers to 3D Trick Art Museum to further encourage these students to utilize and promote STEM amongst many other things.

Champion – Uplands International School and PCGHS (Private) walked away a hamper worth RM 120 and 4 pcs of VIP tickets to 3D trick art museum.
1st Runner – SMJK Phor Tay walked away a hamper worth RM 90 and 4 pcs of VIP tickers to 3D trick art museum.
2nd Runner – Penang Free School walked away a hamper worth RM 70 +4 pcs of VIP tickets to 3D trick art museum.
Student Nur Sri Eliana from SMK Convent Pulau Tikus was the lucky draw winner and walked away a Mi-band worth RM 199.
Student Heavendran Thamil Selvan from Penang Free School emerged as the luckiest winner who walked away the grand prize, a camera which worth RM380.