Understanding entrepreneurship in the real world

The School of Business recently organised an agro-based field trip for its Diploma in Business Studies and Staffordshire University business degree students as part of their learning initiatives on September 19.

Trip organiser and module leader for Entrepreneurship Development, Ms Elaine Chan expressed that the study trip aimed to expose students to actual agro-based businesses and to encourage them to explore the possibility of entrepreneurship endeavour in this area. The visit also served to enrich the students’ learning experiences in tandem with the associated modules offered under their respective programmes.

The trip took the students and lecturers on a three-hour journey down south to an organic farm, Refarm, in Kampar and a poultry farm focused on egg harvesting.

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According to Managing Director of the poultry farm, Mr Tan Kuang Liang, Kim Poh Sit Tatt Feedmill Sdn Bhd was established since 1988. The farm currently sitting on 188 acres of land is the proud result of the hard work, toil and determination of three generations.

The farm produces 400,000 eggs daily and covers the supply of eggs throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Besides harvesting eggs, the company also rears pigs and formulate their own organic animal feed.

The trip brought the visitors closer to the real working world and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs like Mr Tan.


It was indeed an eye-opener for the accompanying lecturers, Ms Gwee Sai Ling and Ms Teoh Ming Fang, as well as for the participating students who often felt more at home and protected in their comfort zones. In fact, the entourage will never view eggs and meat presented on their dinner table the same way again!

A special heartfelt thanks to Mr Tan who not just welcomed us with his warm hospitality but spent his valuable time sharing the real life of an entrepreneur and the daunting challenges of the industry.

Refarm, an organic farm with vegetable plantation, fish farming and recreational activities

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