By Lee Lai Yong, School of Pre-U lecturer.

The Moon Cake Festival Fundraising project’s main objective is to raise funds for the Penang Fo Yi Haemodialysis Society in the hope that DISTED College can help more people with financial burdens to receive treatments more comfortably. If these sick patients delay their treatments due to financial issues, their condition will deteriorate and their life span will decrease as well. This dialysis treatment can cost about RM20,000 – RM50,000 per year. So, through this project, DISTED College would like to help the patients to overcome some of their financial burdens as much as possible.

Moreover, this project creates awareness among SACE 2019 August intake students about the importance of lending a helping hand to the community especially to those in need of help.

This project also allows the students to promote and become aware of the importance of health care. The number of people receiving dialysis treatment has been increasing over the years. Consequently, our society is very concerned that many people have taken their health for granted.  A lot of people may have assumed that as long as there is treatment, they will be fine. They did not know the consequences of poor eating habits.

This project is supervised by Ms. Lee Lei Yong, Mrs. Allen Tan Siew Gaik, Ms. Geong Chooi Peng and Dr. Khor Wei Ying. In this project, the fundraising event started from 10th to 11th Sep 2019. Each donor who donated RM10 was be given a moon cake as a token of appreciation on 13th Sep 2019 . Finally, supervisors and students successfully collected RM1350 and visited the Penang Fo Yi Haemodialysis Society on 26th Sep 2019.

Photo of the team collecting funds.

Two members of the team are tallying the funds.

Photos of the team and teacher advisors making moon cakes.

Photo taken on the day of the visit and when we passed the funds collected to the person in charge.

The token of appreciation from Fo Yi Haemodialysis Society.

Receipt of the donation from this project.