A group of 25 degree students leaded by 4 lecturers, Dr Gwee, Shirley Tong, Tan Pei Shi, Adznida and Yeap Chin Poh visited the Brazillian Food Industries at Kampung Bagan Jemal, Butterworth on 29 Oct, Monday.

The tour was guided by Mr Terrance Goh, the 4th generation owner of Brazillian Food Industries, a 70 years old established food manufacturing company since 1948. The group was shown the process of how Kopi-O aka local Americano/Long Black is made, packed in tissue sachets and market.

The students were delighted by Mr Goh vast knowledge and entrepreneur experience of the coffee industry. They’ve gained great experience and invaluable knowledge about costing, marketing and management for a SMI business.