On 23rd October 2021, a group of 19 DISTED DBS Principles and Practice of Management students embarked themselves in Covid-19 support endeavor called “Food Drive Project”.  In collaboration with MPKK under Ministry of Rural Development Malaysia, they delivered various items of food and dessert to the community in need at Kampung Melayu, Kampung Pisang Air Itam, as well as several food bank locations in mainland Penang and Alor Setar Kedah. 



The project was initiated by Dr Tan Cheng Yoke with the objectives of i) providing aids to the households whose daily lives are affected by the pandemic, ii) instilling the sense of social responsibility among future graduates and iii) realizing DISTED corporate social responsibility through embedded course activities.  Besides creating awareness and support to the underprivileged by the young Diploma Business students, they were honed in project operational planning and execution, presentation and writing skills such as minutes and reports, on top of   the digital skills in video creation and editing, plus social media engagement activities.   



The event was definitely an overwhelming success than what we expected and we were visited by ADUN Air Itam, YB Joseph Ng.  In total, 120 packets of ready to serve food items were distributed to the designated households.   The items comprised of breakfast sets, fried rice, fried noodle, roti canai, jelly and fruits.  In addition, some raw ingredient like sugar, instant noodle, flour etc. was stored at the nearby food bank.  Thankfully, the success would not be possible without enthusiastic support by the students, parents, friends and relatives.  They had been generously contributed cash or raw materials, time and coaching in food preparation, as well as being present at the event location.  It is indeed a warm moral support to all of us. 



Last but not least, let’s wish the seeds of sharing and caring attitude, moral and professionalism grow and blossom in future so as to attain prosperity, equity, joy and peace in the long run.