DISTED College recently met up with Ms Vasugi, Manager of Membership and Certification from the Institute of Internal Audit Malaysia (IIAM), to discuss potential opportunities and collaborations that could enhance the educational experience of DISTED students.

The discussion explored various avenues for collaboration, including internship programmes, guest lectures by industry professionals, and workshops on internal audit practices. IIAM’s expertise and resources could be leveraged to provide DISTED students with valuable insights into the field of internal audit. IIAM’s certification programmes provide candidates with educational knowledge, information and business tools that can be applied immediately in any organisation, such as the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation. This endorsement from a renowned professional body will undoubtedly enhance the employability of DISTED graduates and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

The meeting with the IIAM representative was a significant step towards establishing a mutually beneficial partnership. The potential opportunities and collaborations discussed hold immense promise for our students, ensuring their readiness to excel in the dynamic world of internal auditing.