Ms Tan Shi Pei a final year student in Disted won Dell Business Challenge. She’s currently studying BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, a 3+O UK business degree programme in collaboration with Staffordshire University.

“we need to work closely with our team members, because the team comprise of students from other colleges and universities,” when asked what tips would she gives other students of joining the business challenge.

Here’s the tips:

“First of all, we need to collaborate with our team members well. Before the discussion of the case study, we should introduce ourselves to all the team members so that everyone knows each other well. We need to build a good relationship with each other so that we can communicate with each other well and efficiently. Time is precious, therefore we have to allocate the time and tasks properly among team members so that we will not waste our time on one particular task. When we have any doubt or question in our mind, we should ask our team members and discuss it with them. Furthermore, we must have sufficient accounting knowledge to face the Dell Business Challenges. The accounting knowledge includes financial reporting, financial statements, costing, double-entry, etc. Lastly, we must be confident when we present our findings to the directors. We should try our best to present it professionally and we have to answer their questions smartly and politely,” Tan shared.