DISTED College Library organised an activity for DISTED community, ‘Project Work: Make it Easy with The Big 6’ on July 21, 2022, at Room 6, DISTED College from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

The guest speaker invited for this session is the Director of OUM Learning Center Penang, Puan Norhayati Razali.  She has been actively introducing Information Literacy to schools and other communities since 2004 in Malaysia and Indonesia. She was selected as a panel in the National Information Literacy Agenda (Schools) in 2021 under the Information Literacy Movement of the National Library of Malaysia.


The objectives of the session were:

1. To learn how to develop and execute an effective search strategy using a wide range of search tools, accurately interpret results, and find authoritative information pertinent to the topic.

2. To learn how to evaluate the relevance, quality, authoritativeness, and credibility of information retrieved.


This session was divided into 2 segments; The first segment was an introduction to The Big 6. Participants were introduced to The Big 6 Information literacy model. They learnt that The Big 6 was developed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz and is the most popular approach to teaching information and technology skills for schools and Higher Educational Institutions in the world. The Big 6 integrates information search and use skills along with technology tools in a systematic process to find, use, apply, and evaluate information for specific needs and tasks. 


The second segment was a practical exercise. Participants were divided into 5 groups. They were required to choose an article, read, skim and scan the information, transfer the information into Illustration, Mandala or Mind Mapping based on The Big 6 process. At the end of the session, each group gave a presentation. The speaker was impressed by the participants understanding of the model and how they were able to apply the Big 6 process during the presentation.


This session was attended by a total of 18 participants. The speaker provided excellent insights into The Big 6 process and has helped the participants understand how to use this process. 


Participants can now put into practice the knowledge gained when doing their future assignments and projects.

The video for the Library activity, A ‘Cuppa’ Session, Project Work: Make it Easy with The Big 6 can be viewed via this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wqbGOQ9B–6ACgcMsmstB71_kFMsN28b/view?usp=sharing