Scholarships & Awards

Through its Scholarship and Bursary Award Fund, DISTED College supports the educational aspirations of thousands of deserving students, who otherwise will not be able to afford a quality and wholesome higher education.

With support from the Wawasan Education Foundation and the Lee Yan Lian (LYL) Foundation, generous awards and bursaries are provided each year by DISTED to top academic achievers, the needy and less privileged, as well as physically challenged students.

It is the mission of the College, a Not-For-Profit institution, to help and encourage students to pursue academic excellence, leading to graduates with the good knowledge, skills, and positive attributes to serve the industry and community.

WEF Bursary Award


WEF Bursary Award Specific Terms and Conditions 

  1. The Award General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all recipients of this award.
  2. Applicants are required to fulfill the entry requirement for the program.
  3. This award is based on the higher of the forecast, trial, or the actual result. However only actual result will be considered once it is officially released.
  4. Applicants are required to register as a DISTED student and pay both the application fee and registration fee to be eligible to submit a WEF Bursary Award application.


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LYL Bursary Award


LYL Bursary Award Specific Terms and Conditions 

  1. Malaysian citizens only.
  2. Students admitted to full time enrolment for A-Level or SACEi or Diploma programmes at DISTED College.
  3. Students with 5A’s and below are required to meet the following criteria for RM3,000 scholarship: – i) Obtain a minimum of 1A. ii) Family basic income ≤ RM12K.
  4. Student profile Essay – students are required to complete a student profile essay as per the template provided by DISTED College.
  5. Disbursement will be in the first 2 years of the student’s study.
  6. The DISTED-LYL Bursary Award will be disbursed based on the disbursement schedule provided that the CGPA achieved up until the latest semester is at least 2.00 and above. If within any semester a student fails to achieve a CGPA of at least 2.00, the scholarship may not be granted. The scholarship may subsequently be reinstated for future semesters should the student CGPA return to at least 2.00.


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Graduation Reward Scheme


Graduation Reward Scheme Specific Terms and Conditions 

  1. Only applicable to students enrolling in year 2023.
  2. Applicants are required to complete their full programme with us.
  3. This award is based on the highest academic achievement on the final result.
Award General Terms and Conditions
  1. Scholarships / bursaries / discounts are open to all nationalities who have sat for the relevant
    examinations and must be new or commencing students of the programme of study.
  2. To be eligible for a DISTED College Scholarships / bursaries / discounts international students must
    be currently resident in Malaysia, completed their high school study in Malaysia, and have enrolled
    for a programme of study directly with the College. International students who apply through a
    recruitment agent will be ineligible for scholarships.
  3. Only results of two (2) years or less will be recognized for any scholarship application to DISTED
  4. The scholarships / bursaries / discounts are given based on examination results and / or need basis.
  5. All scholarships / bursaries / discounts are only tenable for the period of study at DISTED College
    and recipients are not allowed to hold two (2) scholarships or bursaries concurrently. In the event a
    student is qualified for more than one award, the higher award will be given.
  6. The scholarships / bursaries / discounts can only be utilized to defray the fees for the programme of
    study conducted at the college and are not transferable and not redeemable for cash.
  7. The scholarships / bursaries / discounts will take effect only after agreeing to the terms and
    conditions contained within the Award Acceptance Letter.
  8. Any premature withdrawal from the programme of study by the recipient will result in the immediate
    cessation of this award. In such a case, the recipient is required to compensate the College the
    amount of the scholarship that has been disbursed and to pay all outstanding fees due to the College
    within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of withdrawal. Any Financial penalties incurred as a
    result of the actions or inactions of the recipient will be the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  9. Recipients’ parents or guardians are required to act as a guarantor in respect of the repayment of
    your scholarship to the College and / or payment of any outstanding course fees due to the College
    in the event that the recipient withdraws prematurely from the course.
  10. Recipients must maintain continuous, full-time enrollment for the entire duration of their programme.
    Reduction of credit hours to less than full-time status may result in the suspension or termination of
    the scholarship.
  11. Changes in enrollment status after the commencement of the programme may affect the status of the
    Award. Any changes must be made in consultation with your Head of School / Programme Lead,
    notify the Registrar and is subject to the approval of the DISTED College Scholarship & Awards
  12. All scholarship recipients who receive a scholarship / bursary / discount value of >20% of the tuition
    fee are required to serve in various administrative roles, including acting as an Ambassador of
    DISTED College at various events in order to continue their award in subsequent semester(s). The
    specification of hours to be served in these roles are contained within the terms and conditions for
    each award
  13. All decisions of the DISTED College Scholarship & Awards Committee on the quantum and
    conditions are final and binding.
  14. Recipients who fail to fulfill these Award General Terms and Conditions may be placed on
    termination of the scholarship and bursary are required to compensate to the College the amount of
    the scholarship that has been disbursed, and to pay all outstanding course fees due to the College.
  15. The application closing date is seven (7) calendar days from the programme commencement date.
    Late applications will not be accepted.
  16. Disbursement of scholarship / bursary / discount will be allocated on a semester by semester basis.
  17. The scholarship / bursary / discount will be terminated upon completion of the minimum prescribed
    study period of the programme enrolled in and will not extend to any additional period including
    resit(s) or semester abroad programme.
  18. DISTED College Scholarship & Awards Committee reserves the right to decide on the number of
    scholarships and the quantum to be awarded.
  19. All scholarships / bursaries / discounts are awarded on a first come, first served basis (where
    applicable), and are subject to the availability of the quota set in that particular scholarship category.
  20. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified via email for an interview (where applicable). Only
    successful candidates will be notified within fourteen (14) calendar days after the interview.
  21. Candidates must confirm their acceptance of the scholarship within seven (7) calendar days, failing
    which, it will be automatically withdrawn.
  22. The scholarships / bursaries / discounts awarded exclude other fees and charges such as
    application, registration, resource, assessment and moderation fees to partner university (where
    applicable), all of which must be borne by the recipient.
  23. The total fees for the first semester must be paid in full. The scholarships / bursaries / discounts
    (where applicable) will be offset from the second semester onwards, on pro-rated basis.
  24. Recipients are required to maintain a minimum CGPA set by the DISTED College Scholarship &
    Awards Committee throughout the academic year, in order to enjoy the scholarship / bursary /
    discount. Failure to meet such academic requirement every semester may result in the scholarship /
    bursary / discount being terminated.
  25. Where applicable, scholarship / bursary / discount recipients will be required to sign an agreement
    accepting the terms and conditions of the scholarship.
  26. Scholarship / bursary / discount is only applicable for the program that the student is enrolled in at
    the point when the scholarship acceptance letter is signed. It will be terminated if the student
    changes his / her program of study.