Programme Overview

This course offers students both creative and technical skills to integrate two or more types of media in various media curriculum. By providing in-depth knowledge of multimedia design elements, our students are able to handle the field on advertising & promotion, branding, interactive design and more.
Duration : 1 year of studies and three (3) months of industrial training
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Programme Structure

  • Semester 1

    • Drawing for Concept Art
    • Fundamentals of Design
    • Colour Studies
  • Semester 2

    • Introduction to Multimedia
    • Digital Photography
    • Video Capturing
    • Digital Effects and Computing
  • Semester 3

    • Digital Audio and Sound Technology
    • Branding
  • Semester 4

      • Industrial Training

    Awarded By: LiFE Academy in partnership with DISTED School of Computing and Engineering.

Entry Requirements
  • No prior multimedia study experience is required.
  • All students must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Must have some basic understanding of English.