Financial Rewards

Rebate Schemes

Sibling Rebate Scheme

Programmes That is Enrolled by New StudentFee Rebates to be enjoyed by New Student
Pre-University Programmes (A-Level / SACE International)RM500 per semester
Diploma ProgrammesRM800 per semester
Degree Programmes (SU / Help)RM800 per semester

* Long semester only

New Student Ambassador Scheme
  1.  Local enrollee = RM400 flat per student
  2.  International enrollee = RM600 flat per student
Loyalty Rewards and Performance Awards

For DISTED students continuing into diploma / degree studies.

Initial Programme at DISTEDContinuing Degree Programme at DISTED *Loyalty RewardPerformance Award **Disbursement Spread Over No. of Years
RMMinimum Academic Results
A-Level / SACE International3+0 Staffordshire University(UK) Degree1200 per long semester
(formerly RM800)
(formerly RM3000)
ABB or ATAR 753
Diploma ProgrammeCGPA 3.5 / 4.02
A-Level / SACE International3+0 Bachelor of Psychology(Hons) (HELP)ABB or ATAR 753
Diploma ProgrammeCGPA 3.5 / 4.03
CIE ProgrammeAny Diploma Programmes500 per long semester

* The Performance Award incentive scheme is not valid if students enrol in the degree programme more than one (1) year after completing the initial programme.
** Students enjoying the Performance Award will not be able to enjoy the Loyalty Reward and must fulfill the minimum requirements set by the college.