The Journey of YE 2016

As part of Disted-Connect initiative, Disted is given the opportunity to groom a group of Chung Ling High School students under the Young Enterprise Program champion by AMCHAM (American Malaysia Chamber of Commerce Malaysia).

A group of advisors from Disted, led by Ms Elaine Chan, Senior Lecturer of Business School visits the school on a regular basis and in collaboration with a team of teacher advisors, mentored a group of 30 young, vibrant and energetic students from Form 3 and 4 in their entrepreneurship endeavours.

Throughout a period of 7 months, our boys were given insights in the area of product design and development, prototype building, operation management, marketing and selling strategies. In addition, soft skills such as communication skills, enhancing teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills were also integrated in the sessions with the students.

The fruits of the initiative were harvested when our team of boys successfully participated in the annual YE sales held at Penang on 6, Gurney Paragon on 23rd and 24th July 2016. The results of the sales were very encouraging and hopefully they will walk away with some awards coming this October when the final results will be released.

Good job to our group of boys and also to the team of YE2016 advisors and not forgetting the management of Disted, particularly our CEO and President who champions and supports this meaningful initiative.

1.0 Teambuilding Workshop conducted on the 26th September 2016, students busy strategizing while being observed by the judges.
The Journey of YE 2016

2.0 Our boys enjoying the team building activities
The Journey of YE 2016 The Journey of YE 2016

3.0 The boys with their mock display of their products
The Journey of YE 2016 The Journey of YE 2016 The Journey of YE 2016

4.0 The winning team for the team building and marketing competition, taken with Chief Advisor (Ms Elaine) and Chief Judge (Ms Ang)
The Journey of YE 2016
5.0 A group photo with all Disted Advisor 2016 (Front row from left: Mr Khoo Poh Jin, Ms Tan Pei Shi, Ms Elaine Chan, Ms Ang Choo Ling, Pn Adznida Md Daud, Pn Ai Wah- teacher advisor from CLHS, Mr Abdul Rashid)

The Journey of YE 2016The Journey of YE 2016

6.0 Actual YE Sales Fair – Penang on 6, Gurney Paragon (Day 1- 23rd July 2016)
The Journey of YE 2016

7.0 Some of the products on sale from our team
The Journey of YE 2016

8.0 A crowded booth on the first day of sales

The Journey of YE 2016

9.0 A group photo at the end of the YE sales
The Journey of YE 2016