Students Glow in style on DISTED OSCARS Themed Prom Night

Sparkle in style with glamour gowns and dandy suits, DISTED College’s Glowing OSCARS themed prom night took place at Jen Hotel, Penang on 18th November.

Distinguished guests included Dr Seah Soo Aun, President and CEO of DISTED College and Dr Liew Yueah Cin, Director of Academic Affairs and also being the judges of the night to decide who should be the king and queen of the night.

The panel of judges voted Ms Carmen to be the Prom Queen and Mr Michael Timothy Tyson was selected to be the Prom King.

Other winners included Mr Fabulous-Mr Shiva, Ms Fabulous-Tato, Lou Si Mon(Esther), Best Smile -Ms Gaverlia Phan, Joker of the night – Ms Krishy, Lady Gaga award – Ms Angela and lastly Role Model – Mr Chayakorn Suwannachot(Bryan).

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