A DISTED Program developing Leadership in Environment Conservation
The aims

  • To bring the academia and community closer, aligned in thoughts and actions towards environmental care.
  • To sensitise and engage DISTED students and the community on environmental issues that affect us all.
  • To help DISTED students to cultivate social responsibility with eco-green consciousness so as to learn, live, thrive and achieve in healthy and sustainable lifestyles and habitats.
  • To create a culture of community commitment and eco-friendliness emphasizing love, respect, protection and care for the environment and nature


Let’s Go Green Campaign

The campaign takes reflective inspiration from the college’s beautiful park-life campus that encompasses heritage buildings and large grounds shaded by elegant trees.

The Let’s Go Green Campaign is to inculcate environmental consciousness and active environmental responsibility leading to conservation of natural resources and sustainable lifestyles and habitat.

It envisions a college community that is environmentally responsible, with policy, values, practices and actions that are geared to reduce adverse impact on the environment besides engaging society on every one’s role to love, protect and care for the environment.

The steps towards realising the goals include minimizing energy and water use through efficient management and practices, minimizing waste generation through reduction, reuse and recycling, reducing noise and odour pollution, polluting effluents and emissions to the air as well as meeting and continually improving to exceed environmental standards, regulations and guidelines.



  • To bring in community leaders and organizations to share experiences and current issues for students to gain clearer perspectives on eco-challenges and the social involvement needed in conserving the environment.
  • To identify potential collaboration opportunities with persons and organizations of similar aspirations.


  • Talks
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Students Voices
  • Community In Touch


  • To foster win-win relationships between DISTED and community partners (schools, industries, companies and NGOs) by developing joint organization and corporate responsibility outreach programmes for the good of the environment.
  • To incubate and share ideas, and initiate activities to actualize care and concern for the environment.


  • Skills and knowledge enabling training
  • Research on environmental issues
  • Sponsorships of environmental responsibility projects


  • To instill altruistic and volunteering mindset for environmentally meaningful actions.
  • To allow students and staff to augment personal growth and professional development through experiences in promoting care and concern for the environment towards a greener earth.


  • Care for the environment
  • Promoting eco-green lifestyles, habitats and corporate practices
  • Volunteering eco-tours


For enquiries and feedback, please contact:
DISTED College
Tel: 04-2296579