26th Convocation 17th June 2017


DISTED College will be holding its 26th Convocation Ceremony on 17th June 2017. 

This ceremony is organised to celebrate our students’ success.


1 Jalan Bukit Jambul, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Grand Ballroom, LG Level

You are required to fill up the Convocation Ceremony – Registration form and make the necessary payment by the due date stated therein (See Convocation payment). This form will be sent to you via email and through postal service.

If you are not able to attend the ceremony, you are required to fill up the Convocation Ceremony – In Absentia form. An administrative fee is charged for the processing of transcript and certificate and also courier postage to your home address in Malaysia. (See Convocation payment). This form will be sent to you via email and through postal service.

  1. The convocation fees for attendees to the convocation ceremony includes:
    • Venue arrangements and organization
    • After-ceremony refreshments
    • Gown hire
    • Photography
    • Entry tickets for the graduand and two guests
    • Convocation certificate and scroll
    • Convocation programme book
    • Alumni Card/Pin
  2. The administrative fees for non-attendees includes:
    • Processing the transcript and certificate
    • Providing the scroll
    • Providing the convocation programme book
    • Providing the Alumni Card/Pin
  3. Courier postage to any address within Malaysia may incur additional charges.

  1. The diploma graduation gown will be released for collection from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. on Friday 16th June 2017 in Room 1, Library Building, DISTED College.
  2. Staffordshire University & HELP University graduands will collect their gowns on 17th June 2017 (day of convocation) at Equatorial Hotel.
  3. Collection of gown cannot be made at any other time other than what is specified above.

The graduation gown must be returned no later than one hour after the close of the ceremony. Failure to return the gown will automatically generate an account for replacement value on the gown plus a debt collection fee of no less than RM100.00.

If you require extra guest tickets after making the necessary payment, please contact Finance Department at 042296579 or 042296580. This is on a first-come-first-served basis.


All parents and paid guests are to show their tickets to the usherers at the reception and ballroom doorway before entering the hall.  All guests to enter the hall after 9.30 a.m. and no later than 9.50a.m.  Late arrivals will NOT be permitted into the hall and there will be no refund for tickets purchased.

All guests are not allowed to leave the ballroom until the ceremony concludes. Please convey this message to your guests.

  1. Official photographs will be included in the package when you pay for your convocation fee.
  2. An assigned professional photographer will be available at the venue before and after the ceremony should you wish to have additional photos taken with your family & friends. You have to pay for this service. Further information will be sent to you.
  3. Your guests should not surge forward to take photographs. However, they can use their cameras while remain seated. Please inform them beforehand.

All graduands must be seated 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the ceremony. Graduands who are not present 30 minutes prior to the commencement WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

  1. Male Graduates: Long sleeve collared shirt with tie and long trousers. Wear shoes; no slippers, sandals or runners.
  2. Female Graduates: Blouse/long sleeve shirt with knee-covered skirt or long pants. Wear shoes/heels no more than 3 inch high; no slippers, sandals or runners.
  3. Other guests are advised to dress appropriately for this occasion.
  4. Entrance will be denied for those who dress inappropriately.

All electronic devices including mobile phones have to be switched OFF during the ceremony. Please inform your guests to respect the ceremony. 

Thank you.

If you need further information, please contact Mr Khor Tze Ping (tpkhor@disted.edu.my) 042296579 (ext 223) or Ms Marian Leow (marian@disted.edu.my) at 04 2296579 (ext 504).

Note: All the above information is correct at the time of updating and DISTED College reserves the right at its  absolute discretion to add, delete or amend any of the above information without prior notice.