Yeap Chor Ee Heritage Campus



The 5.5 acres purpose-built Yeap Chor Ee Heritage Campus at Macalister Road, Penang, is centrally located and equipped with modern teaching and learning facilities to help students to realise their aspirations.

There are two separate main buildings, heritage outside and modern inside, consisting of the Academic and Administration Block and the Learning Resource Centre.

The Academic and Administration Block comprises a multi-purpose hall, a 3-storey block which houses lecture halls and rooms, computer, science and engineering laboratories, cafeteria, student facilities and teaching rooms. There is also a convenience store.

Library and Educational Services consists of a well-stocked library, teaching and learning facilities.

The needs of the disabled are also looked after with the provision of a lift, wheelchair access ramps and special toilets.

Three well-equipped science laboratories, which are supported by experienced technical staff, for teaching Physics and Electronics, Chemistry and Biology.

Students are given individual hands-on experience during experiment sessions.

The Language Centre offers English language programmes for both students and adults who need to upgrade their English proficiency for academic success, social communication and professional advancement in the working world.

It also caters for customised, in-house English language training packages to meet the needs of private sector organisations and companies.

The purpose-designed language training schemes enable employees to speak and write English more competently and confidently.

There is an English e-learning room which is equipped with multimedia-enabled computers and internet access to facilitate e-learning of English.

Students have convenient access to online learning resources to bolster their language learning endeavours.

They can also use the facility for preparing multimedia presentations for their assignments.


Main Campus Hall
Computer Lab
Science Lab
Science and Physics Lab
Physics Lab

Main Campus Library Building
Main Campus Library Building
Front of Library
Library Learning Resources
Library Learning Resources
Library Internet Services