The inaugural DISTED Science Olympiad was held on 12th May at the DISTED YCE Heritage Campus.  This Science Olympiad is an annual competition for secondary schools, it is organised by the DISTED School of Pre-University.  Its main purpose is to foster interest in the field of Science and Technology amongst secondary school students. The competition was well received with seven (7) schools confirming their participation. Dr Jerry Koay, DISTED’s Director of Academic Affairs, officiated the Olympiad, with invited guests, Associate Professor Dr Pang Boey LIM, Director of Global Education and Mr S.K. Fong, Administrative Officer from TUT, Penang office.

A total of 60 participants took part in the competition with some of the students participating in both the individual and team event. There are a total of 12 teams consisting of 4 participants in a team which vied for the team championship while some 20 students competed in the individual category.

Dr Koay was delighted to see such strong support from the various schools and applauded the contestants in taking up the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) challenge which will help propel the nation into a developed country. “Our economy is headed towards the Industrial 4.0 revolution and it is no doubt that STEM is a major propelling force of the said revolution,” Dr Koay said. “Taking on the Industrial 4.0 challenge is crucial for the development of our nation’s economy,” Dr Koay continued.

As Penang’s first Not-For-Profit institution of higher learning, DISTED College is indeed ready to equip students with the latest skills, knowledge and values to tackle what the industrial revolution has to offer.

Winners from the individual and team event will stand a chance to win gift vouchers sponsored by MPH Bookstore, cash prizes and trophies. In addition, winners of the individual category will be awarded with a RM10,000 DISTED scholarship while the winners of the team category will be awarded with a RM20,000 DISTED scholarship. Both scholarships are valid for any programmes at DISTED College.

“We are delighted to receive strong support from the schools who have sent some 60 students to participate in the event,” Dr Loo Ai Yin, Head of DISTED School of Pre-University. The competition acts as a medium to showcase innovative STEM content and to increase student participant in STEM. “The competition allows students to participate in various challenging fields of science as well,” Dr Loo continued.

Event Highlight – Find Your Twin

Winners of Individual Category

The champion of individual round: Leong Ji Chao of SMJK Chung Ling (M)
Student Azim Irfan bin Aidi Zulkarnain of SMK Bukit Jambul was delighted to win the 1st runner-up prize!
With 2nd runner-up winner, Student Lee Yenn Wen of SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian.
The winning team of Han Chiang High School was overwhelmed with their achievement! Team members are Lewis Chua, Chun Keat, Xue Pin and Yee Thern.
Yong Jian, Zhi Hao, Oong Jin & Xihern of Chung Ling Private High School were surprised that they’ve won the 1st runner-up prize!
2nd runner up for team round was won by SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian (Team 1). Team members: Kuganie, Hui Chin, Shu Yen and Lin Koon.

Group photos