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The programme is designed to facilitate a fast-track learning experience for students completing their SPM/IGCSE and continuing their studies at DISTED College. Students will take approximately 3 years to obtain a Diploma in Business Studies, Accounting, Hospitality Business Management, Computer Science, Business Information Technology or Creative Multimedia Production together with the BTEC Higher National Diploma at DISTED College AND a degree directly at a partner institution in the UK. Lucrative bursaries and scholarships are available at both DISTED College and its partner institution.

  1.  Students are only allowed to apply to partner universities as stated in the UK Transfer Programme prospectus
  2. The offer from the university is subject to the partner university’s approval and upon the student meeting the admission entry requirements for the programmes listed in the UK Transfer Programme prospectus
  3. The list of partner universities may vary from time to time. Please check with the Placement Unit under the Student Affairs Department for the latest information on partners listing
  4. To enjoy the flight ticket rebate, students are to:
    – apply for admission into partner universities via the Placement Unit under the Student Affairs Department of DISTED College only. Direct application by the students to the partner universities will void this rebate.
    – have their flight arrangement done via DISTED College’s authorized travel agency unless prior written approval is given by DISTED
  5. The flight ticket rebate will be up to a total of RM3,000 inclusive of taxes, levies and any other charges deemed necessary by the airline. Should the total ticket cost be less than RM3,000, the entire ticket sum will be reimbursed instead.
  6.  DISTED reserves the right to amend any of the above conditions at any given time without prior notice


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