Newly Established Scholarship fund provides financial aid to DISTED’s degree students

DISTED College is known as the pioneer Pre-University programmes provider in the Northern Region educational market. Since 1987, DISTED College has offered high quality courses that prepare students for cutting-edge careers not only for today’s industrial world, but those of tomorrow’s.

As a not-for-profit institution, DISTED College functions as a self-financing college in which the nett earnings are retained in the business for the benefit of both staffs and students.

Every year hundreds of students have benefitted from DISTED’s Scholarship and Bursary Fund with more than RM950,000  awarded through various scholarship, awards and bursaries in 2016.

Over the past eight years, DISTED Scholarship and Bursary Award Fund, with the support of the Wawasan Education Foundation and Yeap Chor Ee Charitable Trust, has contributed more than RM8 million in scholarship and bursary awards. It has also provided financial support to more than 2,000 qualified and needy students.

This year the Estate of Yeap Chor Ee Deceased together with Penang Turf Club has established a new Scholarship fund which is the “YCE-PTC (Yeap Chor Ee – Penang Turf Club) Scholarship Fund”. This new fund will be an additional to the existing DISTED Degree Award which will be awarded to DISTED students based on needs and academic merits. With this additional fund more local and also international students will now be eligible for the scholarships.

DISTED College offers two options of degree studies, the 3+0 Staffordshire University Bachelor’s degree programmes with three (3) options namely Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance, Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management and Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management and the Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from HELP University.

At DISTED, students are being offered with well-structured education pathway that would lead them to gain recognition, in both Malaysia and abroad, for job opportunities in a wide variety of industries hence making them being much sought after upon their graduation.

Beside the Wawasan Education Foundation and Yeap Chor Ee Charitable Trust, DISTED College has also established four (4) awards mainly The DISTED Merit Award, The DISTED President’s Scholar Award and The DISTED Sport Excellence Award in recognition of the students’ outstanding academic performance.