Moulding Nationally Conscious and Ethical Malaysians


What You Study

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) requires all Malaysian students to complete the following subjects as pre-requisite for the award of a certificate, diploma or degree:

  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A (except those who have obtained at least a grade C in SPM Bahasa Malaysia)This course aims to improve your proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia and prepares you to express your thoughts and ideas and communicate effectively in formal and informal settings. It also trains you to acquire listening and writing skills for career advancement.
  • Pengajian MalaysiaThis course provides you with an overall understanding of Malaysia as a nation. It covers various historical aspects and the system of rule of law practised in Malaysia. It explains major development policies and plans and discusses national and socio-economic development and other contemporary issues.
  • Pendidikan Moral (for non-Muslims) or Pengajian Islam (for Muslims)Pendidikan Moral is aimed at instilling the ability to appreciate and practise moral values among students in the Malaysian society. The course encourages logical and rational thinking based on various moral theories and religious values, thereby providing you with some guidelines on how to overcome moral conflicts and dilemmas.

    Pengajian Islam explains Islam as a way of life in a complete, balanced and integrated manner.

How Long You Study & What You Need To Enrol

Each subject: 42 hours with typically 4 hours a week over 11 weeks

The course is open to students of private higher educational institutions who need to fulfill the MQA subject requirements.