20 April 2009

Boosting achievements in UPSR English

Enhancing performance in the Primary School Assessment Test (UPSR) English requires concerted efforts and multi-faceted approaches. 

“Primary schools can encourage their pupils to read more extensively to build a wider vocabulary in English,” said Tan Mooi Yean, SJK(C) Union head of English. 

National-type Chinese and Tamil primary school teachers at the UPSR English workshop held at DISTED.

“Making learning English fun through various activities is another way to promote the language,” she said. 

“For example, using NIE (newspaper-in-education) in teaching English can be an effective approach to cultivate a reading culture among the youngsters,” Tan said. 

She also called for the use of the internet as an online language tool to boost the learning of English. 

“Online resources are useful for helping pupils to improve their command of English especially in reading. At the same time, the pupils can hone their information skills to be more knowledgeable,” said the English teacher. 

Tan Mooi Yean, SJK(C) Union head of English, explaining the UPSR English marking scheme to the teachers.

Tan was one the speakers at the workshop on enhancing achievements in the UPSR English which was organised by the Penang state education department for primary schools in the north-east district, and hosted by DISTED College. 

She said familiarization with examination format and questions was essential for pupils to do well in the subject. 

“This workshop provides deeper insights on examination techniques and marking system so that the teachers can give proper and meaningful guidance to their pupils,” she said. 

“The teachers will be more skilled in giving corrective lessons which allow pupils to learn from their mistakes,” she added. 

Md. Nasser Ismail, Penang north-east district education office language officer, addressing the workshop participants.

SJK(C) Kong Min Pusat head of English, Lim Ai Siew, giving pointers on UPSR English at the workshop.

Md. Nasser Ismail, the north-east district education office language officer, said: “This programme is part of our continuous efforts to improve the English teaching and learning process.” 

“We like to see the schools achieving better UPSR English results in terms of both quantity and quality,” he said. 

“The mastery of English is a must for the pupils as important subjects namely, science and mathematics, are taught in the language,” Nasser added. 

The workshop for national-type Chinese and Tamil primary school teachers was held on 20 April and for national primary school teachers on 23 April 2009.

In a discussion are English teachers (from left) Joyce Tan Min Teng (SJK(C) Min Sin), Kuan May Ling (SJK(C) Perempuan China Pulau Pinang), Tan Mooi Yean (SJK(C) Union) and Ooi Teng Luan (SJK(C) Beng Teik Cawangan).

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