16 August 2008

SPM exam guidance

Mastery of subject content and well-grounded revision is not sufficient to excel in the SPM examination. 

“I also need to be well-versed in question answering techniques in order to score in an SPM subject,” said SMK Penang Free Form 5 student Aaron Raj.

The SPM exam seminar participants posing with (seated, from left) SMK (L) Methodist student counsellor Ooi Gim Ewe, SMK Penang Free student counsellor Azahar Aziz, SMK (P) Methodist student counsellor Annie Ong and physics seminar speaker Lim Peng Chew.

Aaron was among the students from 12 secondary schools in Penang who attended the SPM Examination Answering Techniques Seminar organised by the Penang Secondary School Counsellors Council and hosted by Kolej Disted-Stamford on 16 August 2008. 

“At the seminar, I learnt that apart from theoretical knowledge, thinking and calculating skills are important to do well in the sciences and maths,” said Aaron. 

His school mate Erwin Ooi Chin Wei was also glad to have participated in the event. 

“The speakers taught us how to tackle exam questions and provide answers that could maximise our chances of getting higher marks," Erwin said. 

“I also got the chance to seek clarifications on some difficult Additional Maths topics from the speaker,” he added. 

SMK Penang Free students Aaron Raj (right) and Erwin Ooi Chin Wei checking out the SPM revision guide co-authored by Lim Peng Chew, one of the seminar speakers.

The project co-ordinator Annie Ong, who is also the SMK (P) Methodist student counsellor, said: “This is a community service to help Form 5 students to enhance their answering skills in the SPM exam. It bolsters their preparation to do well in the exam.”

“Also, it’s a fund-raising activity for our council to organise more educational projects for teachers and students,” she said. 

SMK (L) Methodist student counsellor Ooi Gim Ewe added: “The students benefit from the exam guidance given by teachers who are very experienced in their respective subjects.” 

“It’s part of our counselling efforts to raise the academic achievements of fifth formers,” he added.

Students attending the SPM exam seminar organised by the Penang Secondary School Counsellors Council and hosted by DISTED.

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