DISTED College Scholarships 2018

In conjunction with DISTED’s 30th Anniversary and beyond, we are introducing several brand new attractive scholarships in the year 2018 which reward and aid both the academically inclined and needy. Being a non-profit organisation, we strive to give back to society in any way we can and part of our commitment in doing so is through the funding of scholars. The scholarships being introduced in 2018 are as below:

  • High Performance Scholarship (to replace the existing Merit Award)
  • Bursaries for Students with disabilities
  • DISTED CARES (Community Assistance Rebates & Education Scheme) Financial Aid
  • DISTED Pre-University FULL Scholarship
  • DISTED Diploma FULL Scholarship

For further information, please refer to Ms. Jaclyn Lim, Mr Khor Tze Ping or Mr Andy Tai

FULL Scholarship _DIPLOMA

FULL Scholarship_PRE_U

General Scholarship Brochure_V2