New canteen operators

As another year has come to the end and for a fresh new start in 2017, the college has appointed two (2) new canteen operators, Jibrinnoor (M) Sdn Bhd is replacing Jom Makan Café and M&Y Lim Enterprise to take over Kopitiam.

The newly appointed canteen operators had gone through the college’s open tender system that involves scrutinising and evaluation process to ensure total compliance with the college canteen rules and regulations to supply healthy food to students.

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Student’s success in National Olympiad Maths 2016

Lim Hong Zhec, a student who is currently pursuing further studies in the SACE International programme at #DISTEDCollege, has participated in the recent National Olympiad Maths 2016 competition.

In the competition with over 1900 participants from all over Malaysia, Lim was being ranked in the top 100 under the Sulong (Senior) Category.

#DISTED would like to take this opportunity to express its heartiest congratulations to Lim on his success!

From Bakery to Cakery in the month of giving

DISTED School of Hospitality’s “bakery” has turned into “cakery” in the month of December, baking goods that fall under the title of cake. Take it from Mama’s recipes and baked to perfection, you can whip up gifts that guaranteed to wow your family and friends.

Mama’s favourites for sale:

  • Fruit Tartlet @ RM2.50 per piece
  • Cream Cracker Cake @ RM15.00 per loaf (450gm)
  • Banana Cake @ RM18.00 per loaf (600gm)

Please place your order 24 hours in advance, your orders will be ready by next day from 12.00 noon – 3.00pm.

After savouring the straight-from-oven sweets, your loved one will surely be asking for second!

Call now @ 04-2625579 for more info.

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Students Glow in style on DISTED OSCARS Themed Prom Night

Sparkle in style with glamour gowns and dandy suits, DISTED College’s Glowing OSCARS themed prom night took place at Jen Hotel, Penang on 18th November.

Distinguished guests included Dr Seah Soo Aun, President and CEO of DISTED College and Dr Liew Yueah Cin, Director of Academic Affairs and also being the judges of the night to decide who should be the king and queen of the night.

The panel of judges voted Ms Carmen to be the Prom Queen and Mr Michael Timothy Tyson was selected to be the Prom King.

Other winners included Mr Fabulous-Mr Shiva, Ms Fabulous-Tato, Lou Si Mon(Esther), Best Smile -Ms Gaverlia Phan, Joker of the night – Ms Krishy, Lady Gaga award – Ms Angela and lastly Role Model – Mr Chayakorn Suwannachot(Bryan).

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Start-up & Tech Forum

DISTED College‘s Business Club organised the Start-Up and Tech forum and invited three (3) guest speakers Mr Kaygarn Tan, the founder of & Freemind Works, Mr Howie Chong, the co-founder & Head of Product of The Commissioned and Ms Aishah Aljuned from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd to share their experiences and knowledge about entrepreneur’s startups and technology can help founders build connection, find investors and get funding.

#YouAreInGoodHands #DISTEDturns30

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Beyond the horizon: Sex and Sexuality

DISTED College #SchoolofPsychology and Khidmat Masyarakat in collaboration with Family Health Development Association (FHDA) organise the Horizon: Sex and Sexuality Workshop on 19th November, from 8.30am-1.30pm at DISTED College main campus, Level 2, R300F.

Friends and family are welcome. Registration is FREE and light refreshment will be served. Please contact Alexandra @ 012-4811 576 and Carmen @ 012-5275 038 for information.

#YouAreInGoodHands #DISTEDturns30


DISTED College lights up the lamp for Deepavali

The college held a Deepavali luncheon for its staff at the school multi-purpose hall with an array of scrumptious dishes. The President and CEO of DISTED College Dr Seah Soo Aun together with his Hindu staff gathered around the kolam and lit up the lamp to mark the triumph of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance. “Next year (2017) would be a very challenging year for us due to current market sentiment, but we must live up to our promises to deliver quality education as expected and provide the utmost services to our students,” he said. “May the light of Deepavali illuminate us the way to peace, harmony and success.” he continued.

#YouAreInGoodHands #DISTEDturns30

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A total of 50 kids participated in the 2-day Bindergarden event which held at Topkids Taska, Tadika and Daycare. The event taught the children with the important of environmental sustainability and waste segregation. Event highlights included drawing contest, DIY savings bank and many more.

#DISTEDCollege #YouAreInGoodHands #DISTEDturns30

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