70 high school students got “Psyched OUT” at DISTED’s Psychology Workshop

The DISTED School of Psychology kicked off its inaugural psychology outreach event aptly named “Your Brilliant Mind, Let it Shine!” on 28th April 2018. This practical workshop and exhibition offers, secondary school students, and their friends and family a front-seat to explore the world of psychology, career pathways, and to participate in many interactive activities utilising the many concepts of psychology.

The psychology outreach event took place at the DISTED YCE Heritage Campus, Penang, with some 70 students from various secondary schools in the Northern Region participating in this event. Participants will be enlightened by guest speakers Ms. Sherine Ann Selvarajah, Consultant Child Developmental Psychologist from Gleneagles Medical Centre Penang, Dr Prihadi Kususanto, Forensic Psychology lecturer from HELP University and Ms Silviana Bonadei, Special Educator from 2-way Centre Penang respectively.

“We have designed fun and interactive station games for students to participate in. These games act as a medium for them to understand how psychology touches on every aspect of their lives,” Ms Soo Hoo Pei Ying, programme coordinator of School of Psychology said.

The station games are designed based on 3 adolescent issues mainly Emotional Management, Self-Identification and Memory – Attention. Each station game is designed specifically to tap into the inner-self of each student and for them to understand certain psychological aspects of themselves. One such game which is the Memory-Attention game helps students to be aware of their own cognitive functioning and thus helps to increase their memory attention.  This workshop will definitely help to nurture young healthy minds amongst the community, further explained by Ms Soo Hoo Pei Ying.

An exhibition on various psychological topics was set up to further create an understanding on the talks that were presented earlier. This gives an opportunity for participants and patrons to understand how psychology affects our way of life in some aspects.

Mr. Andy Tai, Head of Marketing & Communications at DISTED, officiated and welcomed students and teachers to the outreach event.  He was encouraged by the high attendance and enthusiasm shown by students and their family members.  He believed that through this outreach event, students will be treated to an eye-opening experience that allows them to explore their personal psychological environment. This, he hoped, will lead students to take up further studies and career in the field of psychology.

DISTED’s Culinary Challenge “heats up” with 60 secondary school students participating

The 2nd DISTED Culinary Challenge, organised by the DISTED School of Hospitality Management, kicks off with its preliminary round of Burger Master Challenge on 28th April 2018.   With a total of 27 teams competing, the top 9 teams will see themselves advancing to the Grand Finale on 12th May, 2018 to compete in a black box challenge.

This year’s challenge will see the top team winning the DISTED Culinary Challenge Trophy and cash prizes worth of up to RM500.  On top of that, the “top chefs” will also be awarded a DISTED Scholarship totalling RM10,000.  With this scholarship, the winning team may enrol into any of DISTED’s 5-Star Excellent rated programmes.

No School
1 PCGHS Private
2 SMK (P) Methodist
3 SMK Air Itam
4 SMK Hamid Khan
5 SMJK Heng Ee
6 Chung Ling Private High School
7 SMJK Chung Ling
8 SMK Padang Polo
9 SMK Westlands
10 SMK Tun Hussein Onn
11 Gems International School, Pearl City
12 SMK Abdullah Munshi
13 SMK Valdor
14 SMK. St. Xavier
15 Phor Tay Private High School
16 SMK Convent BM
17 SMK Sungai Nibong
18 SMJK Heng Ee
19 SMK Taman Inderawasih


This year’s DISTED Culinary Challenge is supported by its collaborative partners,   the Penang Chefs Association (PCA) and the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Penang Chapter. The turnout for this year’s challenge has been most encouraging, with many of Penang’s most prestigious schools coming together to participate in this annual signature event from DISTED College. The list of participating schools is as appended below:

“This culinary challenge is an opportunity for young and talented student chefs to demonstrate their skills and culinary knowledge, pitting against each other to emerge as champions in an amateur culinary competition,” said Ms Susie Khoo, Head of DISTED School of Hospitality Management. “The long term objective is for us to generate interest amongst high school students in the area of culinary arts and hospitality.  Our lecturers are always here and ready to guide these students” she continued.

Chef Audee Cheah, President of the Penang Chefs Association said the DISTED Culinary Challenge serves as an excellent platform to attract more young and talented students to pursue their careers in the culinary field. Such an event is always an eye-opener to many youths of the nation, to showcase their skills and bring out their “inner chefs” in them.

Distinguished panel of judges for the preliminary round include Chef Eric Chuah from Penang Chefs Association, Chef Yew Seong Lip, a seasoned chef with over 22 years of work experience in the culinary field and Mr Warren Tan, the Founder of STACKS Burger.