Mad Hatter Annual Dinner in DISTED’s Wonderland

It was a night of crazies and madness at DISTED’s annual staff dinner with the theme, Mad Hatter! Staff came in their most creative hats featuring LED themed hats to a simple pinned-up brooch on the head. The function room at the Hotel Flamingo by the Beach was therefore brought to life with full extravaganza and excitement on 18th November 2017. Many even went the extra mile by theming their outfits to suit their headgear with full-on make up.

The annual staff dinner was a celebration of success and also serves as an opportunity to appreciate the hard work and commitment of its staff. As part of the appreciation, DISTED College presented its 5, 10, 20 and 25 years-long service award to 11 deserving staff. Its longest serving staff Ms. Rohayati was the only staff receiving the 25 Years-Long Service award from Dr Seah in the midst of thunderous applause. Next was Mr Kalaiselvan from the Human Resource and Admin Dept. and Mr Yeap Chin Poh from the School of Business and Administration being presented with their 20 Years-Long Service Award. Mr Ahmad Taiff, Director of Academic Support and Continuing Professional Development, Ms Susie Khoo, Head of School for the School of Hospitality Management and Dr Ian Leow were then presented with the 10 Year-Long Service Award. Last but not least, came the 5 Year-Long Service Award being presented to Mr Saravanan from LEDS, Ms Regina-Lucy from MFS, Ms Annie Lim from QARM, Ms Tan Siew Voon from SHM and Mr Luqman Aliff from SCE.

“This year DISTED celebrates its 30th Anniversary which marks a significant milestone in the existence of the college. Many of its staff have gone through many initiatives and has accomplished much over the years,” said Dr Seah Soo Aun, DISTED’s President and CEO during his opening remarks. “To see a handful of staff receiving their long service awards marks a deep sense of belonging and commitment to the betterment of the college by its staff,” he continued.

The night was packed with fun-filled performances by lecturer Liew Su Yee, Tan Su Lin and Khor Ee Keat who sang their own rendition of songs to keep their fellow colleagues entertained but it was Ms Josephine Foo who stole the limelight with her curvaceous and sexy rendition of a belly dance. Kudos to Josephine for her outstanding performance!

It was also a night of to be remembered for Ms Tan Cheng Yoke who’s the luckiest staff to walk away with the lucky draw grand prize of a 40” SHARP TV. 2nd prize went to Mr Mohd Syafiq from the School of Hospitality Management, bagging an OPPO smartphone and the 3rd prize went to Mr Maniam from MFS winning a 2-night hotel stay at Hotel Flamingo by the Beach.

The highlight of the night came with Ms Nadia and Mr Kalaiselvan who both won the Best Dressed Award for Female and Male category. Ms. Nadia from the School of Hospitality Management was perfect in every way, dressing exactly like the Mad Hatter himself while Mr Kalaiselvan dressed as a cowboy of the Wild Wild West respectively.

It was indeed a great and memorable night for all and a splendid way to end 2017 with a bang!


Emergency Response & Preparedness Training

DISTED College conducted the Emergency Response & Preparedness Training on 3 Nov from 9am – 5pm. The training was designed to provide DISTED ERT committee members how to respond to potential incidents which would threaten worker safety and assets that need to deal with swiftly and professionally.

The training was presented by principal consultant Mr Ramachandran Valautham holds a PhD in OSH (USA), a certified Safety Professional (CSP) & Certified Safety & Health Manager (CSPM) accredited by American Society for Safety Engineer, Certified Assessor by HRDF approved by Great Britain College consortium for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Lecturer for Open University on OSH topics and Trainer & Speaker for FMM & DOSH and his assistant Mr Krishnakumar Murhgesh, a Fellow member of Malaysia Safety & Health Professional Association, qualified trainer of OSH.

“He’s such a psycho!”

DISTED’s School of Psychology organises the “He’s such a psucho!” talk on 1 Nov, at 11am which conducted by Mr Dee Anand.

Mr Anand is the Head of Forensic Psychology, Chair of the Qualification in Forensic Psychology and has been Chair of the Training Committee for Forensic Psychologists – the only person in the history of the profession to have held all of these roles on.

The talk explores the reasons for criminality, the idea of a “psychopath” and discuss some theories about serious violent behavior and to discuss is there any way or method to change such behavious and what’s the role of forensic psychology?