Financial Rewards

Rebate Schemes

Sibling Rebate Scheme

Programmes That is Enrolled by New StudentFee Rebates to be enjoyed by New Student
Pre-University Programmes (A-Level / SACE International)RM500 per semester
Diploma ProgrammesRM800 per semester
Degree Programmes (SU / Help)RM800 per semester

* Long semester only

Student Ambassador Scheme

RM300 to RM500 of tuition fee waiver per enrolment awaits DISTED students who successfully introduce their friends to DISTED.

Total Recruitments Each IntakeTuition Fee Rebate per Enrolee
Malaysian EnroleeInternational Enrolee
1 to 2 enroleesRM300RM400
3 to 4 enroleesRM400RM500
5 enrolees and aboveRM500RM600
Loyalty Rewards and Performance Awards

For DISTED students continuing into diploma / degree studies.

Initial Programme at DISTEDContinuing Degree Programme at DISTED *Loyalty RewardPerformance Award **Disbursement Spread Over No. of Years
RMMinimum Academic Results
A-Level / SACE International3+0 Staffordshire University(UK) Degree1200 per long semester
(formerly RM800)
(formerly RM3000)
ABB or ATAR 753
Diploma ProgrammeCGPA 3.5 / 4.02
A-Level / SACE International3+0 Bachelor of Psychology(Hons) (HELP)ABB or ATAR 753
Diploma ProgrammeCGPA 3.5 / 4.03
CIE ProgrammeAny Diploma Programmes500 per long semester

* The Performance Award incentive scheme is not valid if students enrol in the degree programme more than one (1) year after completing the initial programme.
** Students enjoying the Performance Award will not be able to enjoy the Loyalty Reward and must fulfill the minimum requirements set by the college.