Activity Based Learning – Let’s Get Out From The Classroom!

The students of Entrepreneurship Development planned a series of activity based learning as part of their coursework project. Breaking the routine of traditional classroom learning, the coursework was designed to engage students to be more participative and take ownership of their learning progress. The students are divided into 5 groups and were put in charge to organise activities linked to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

On 29 January, the group has an up-close and personal session with a local entrepreneur, Miss Choo who founded Medix Lab in 1993. The session started with Miss Choo sharing her ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. In the Q&A session, she also provided insights on how she sustained her business in the midst of tight competition from well established labs like Path Lab. In addition she also emphasised the need of providing differentiated and quality service to customers. A tour to the lab facility was conducted and the session was wrapped up with a group photo.

Next, a Heritage Hunt was organised on the 5th February. The students went about selecting a local business at Penang Heritage area and were given the task of producing a video promoting the unique features of the business.

The third group organised a business pitching session. Each group was given 1.5 hours to come up with a new service offering and pitch their idea to the rest of their friends who acted as the role of “customers”. During the session, their idea was being challenged and the best group with the best idea won.


On 1 March, the group went for a Perseverance Hike, the hike started from Youth Park and ended at Point 3. The purpose of the hike is to emphasize the spirit of “perseverance and team work” in the journey of entrepreneurship. The mission of the hike is “No one was to be left behind, even one has to be carried up to the destination”. Overall the hike was a great success as everyone made it to the destination and some even went an extra mile to reach Point 5.

Last but not least, to wrap the activity based learning session, Group 5 organised a series of challenges that emphasised on the value of team work, attention to details, execution intelligence and effective resource allocation which are essentials ingredients of a successful entrepreneurial endeavor.